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Star Gazing


This Month's Birthday's

2008 Race to the White House

People in the News

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7:26 AM
New Haven, CT

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In the News:

61st Birthday of the President of the United States
George W. Bush by John Townley

The chart of this presidential lightning rod has been much discussed, but perhaps there may be a stone or two unturned, so here are a few unmentioned items in his horoscope that might serve to enlighten. Few presidents have so thoroughly succeeded for apparently no tangible reason and then so utterly failed when success might reasonably have been in their grasp. Why, and how?

On the upside, it’s gone largely unnoticed that his Ascendant-Mercury and MC are biseptile in fire signs, an aspect of all-embracing universality, as ideal as one could imagine for garnering maximum image, communication, and success. He really seemed like an includer, and he played the card to the hilt. Further, Uranus and Pluto are in septile, a mark of the first year of the Boomers, adding a revolutionary kind of inclusive fervor which paid off especially in a time when unexpected turmoil was underway. Well-noticed, of course, is the big-feeling and ambitious conjunction of Jupiter and Moon in deal-making Libra, trine Uranus on the North Node, which makes it all seem so positive, easy, and fresh. A lot here for a bright picture, simple to like.

On the more difficult side, the Mercury-Pluto conjunction on the Ascendant makes him inflexible and Pluto with Mercury adds forcefulness to ideas but also makes them repetitive and stops the thinking process. He may not simply be sticking to talking points, he could have nothing else to say. His vocabulary and syntax problems lie here as well. His Sun in the 12th house is a problem more than one in 12 people share (there are slightly more than average births just after dawn), as it means personality problems that are not dealt with and often obsessive introspection that cuts off the individual from the rest of the world in the process of wrangling his own demons. With this somewhat self-blinding 12th house Sun tucked into a tight, self-sufficient, no-retro bowl chart, he really doesn’t feel he needs to listen to anyone else. That may be great in a psychologist, but it’s difficult in a leader, and disproportionately few with this common position find themselves thrust into such a role except as a fluke, perhaps because of natural selection.

Not often looked at is his 12th house Saturn, the midpoint of his Sun and Ascendant/Mercury/Pluto, at the heart of his ability to project himself. When push comes to shove, he stops. He doesn’t simply hesitate (he has no retro planets), he just freezes in orbit. When it’s necessary to project immediacy and action, the normal but brief inclination to wait a bit and see (which is sometimes the best possible option) just doesn’t work well for him, especially thanks to its 12th house position. Further, his only earth planet Mars is itself the midpoint of paralyzing Neptune and Pluto, which makes for seemingly forceful sleight-of-hand moves that in fact are light-weight (Virgo) but fearlessly put forth as substance. The feint is substituted for the thrust, with only inertia for follow-through.

How did he get there? Because the nation elected him? No, it didn’t — well, until it did. And it loved him — until, of course, it didn’t. But he was, in effect, “born on the 4th of July” with his Sun is in the same degree of Cancer as the U.S.A, putting him in rhythm with the country. Plus, his composite with the U.S.A. chart, very like Clinton’s, features a tight 10th house Mars-Venus conjunction which is sex at first sight — but when it goes south, it really tanks, often for reasons that aren’t always entirely reasoned but bring strong, divisive feelings with them. A star in the spotlight can easily become a deer in the headlights in a moment — and road kill in the next — one of the perils, in this case, of flipping the brights onto a subject who freezes up.

Current events: For various reasons, up to and including “Tecumseh’s curse,” some have predicted he will not survive his second term. Certainly the Saturn in Leo transit has and will continue to mark decline and enervation, as Saturn moves to Virgo and together with Mars hits Bush’s natal Mars next year, a very warlike aspect, then moving on to cover his progressed Sun. Progressed MC on top of natal Uranus suggest sudden blows to reputation (already happening) later this year. Whatever the specific vagaries of fate turn out to be, there will be no letup for this president while he remains in office, nor for the nation which embraced him.     

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