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Star Gazing


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2008 Race to the White House

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08:45 AM
Brooklyn Heights, NY

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In the News:

In Times Like These
Arlo Guthrie by John Townley

Arlo Guthrie 7-10-1947 Brooklyn Heights, NY 8:45 AM  A Rodden

When most people get into a tangle with the police, they tend not to broadcast the fact, especially when it’s for something as silly as littering. That’s because most people know better. But one of the characteristics of people with no earth in their charts is that they often don’t know better and fearlessly take risks that anyone with a lick of sense would avoid as a matter of course. They are the ones who go where angels fear to tread, and if they don’t survive, you don’t hear much about them. But if they do, as often as not they get famous for their efforts.

Arlo Guthrie is a classic example. With no earth, a Cancer Sun that takes slights to heart, and an Aries Moon that reacts before giving it a thought, it’s no surprise that when he got into a tangle with “Officer Obie” back in the mid-‘60s his reaction was to turn the whole perilous but hilarious incident into a song. After all, he was the son of world-famous Woody Guthrie who wrote “This Land Is Your Land,” among other folk classics. Thus was “Alice’s Restaurant” born, a song which became a movie and put the younger Guthrie on the map. A little help from the transit of Jupiter to his Leo Ascendant at the time didn’t exactly hurt, either.

Although the seemingly fearful line “I don’t want to die, I just want to ride my motor cy---cle” might suggest a worried mind (to paraphrase his dad), you could tell he wasn’t worried. That Aries Moon is solidly trine the awesome Saturn-Pluto conjunction of 1947–48, which gave rise to a lot of famous stars and at least two rather well-known nations (Israel and India). When it’s favorably aspected, especially with the Moon, it makes for a deep faith that fate is on your side and everything is going to be fine. In more difficult aspect, it is often associated with deep and lingering depression (such as Patti Duke). Add Sun trine angular Jupiter, and you’ve got a character with confidence that just won’t quit.

Current events: Guthrie managed another hit a few years later (1972) with Steve Goodman’s song “The City of New Orleans” (a train Arlo actually never rode until years later in 2005, when his support of Katrina victims brought him to that town), but his Jupiter transits never again lifted him as high as Woodstock had. However, he’s back in the news, as fate comes full circle. He’s in trouble with the law, again, for — you guessed it, littering.

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