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Star Gazing


This Month's Birthday's

2008 Race to the White House

People in the News

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Birth Time Unknown (12:00 pm was used to run the reports)
Sankt Veit an de Glan, Austria

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In the News:

Wolfgang Puck Debuts Signature 7-7-7 Cocktail at Las Vegas Restaurants
Wolfgang Puck by Susan Townley

What can you say about a man who is strong like an oak? Who walks his walk and talks his talk…You could say Arnold Schwarzenegger, or you could exclaim, “Voila, Wolfgang Puck!”

Famed chef-extraordinaire Wolfgang Puck learned cooking from his mother, who sometimes worked as a pastry chef. According to the Food Network, “The Austrian-born Wolfgang began his formal training at age 14. He left his homeland with a dream in his heart and a steady purpose of mind. After an apprenticeship at L'Oustau de Baumaniere in Provence, he developed his creativity at several three-star French restaurants, including the Hotel de Paris in Monaco and Maxim’s in Paris. Wolfgang came to the United States in 1973, and soon became the star attraction at Los Angeles’ Ma Maison, both as chef and part-owner. He then left French cuisine to establish Spago Hollywood on the Sunset Strip. Wolfgang Puck is credited with reviving California’s culinary heritage. Blending fresh California ingredients and classical French training, his innovations in cooking have been enjoyed and praised by world leaders, Hollywood stars and fellow chefs alike.”

As if all these accomplishments were not enough, Wolfgang then went straight for the heart and soul of the American public. Television, cookbooks, and products — all brought right into your home. The Food Network is where most of us became acquainted with his culinary skills, but his star power best reaches the consumer on HSN (The Home Shopping Network). It’s been a full-bodied, delightful decade of pure entertainment on HSN, using a small stage and making it all appear larger than life. On top of all that, he is the official caterer to the Academy Awards. A man for all seasons, Wolfgang Puck is his own cottage industry.

With no exact time, we don’t know his Ascendant, but we know for sure Wolfgang has a Cancer Sun, making him not only a food fashionista but a passionate family man. He is always touting his two older sons, Cameron and Byron (by former wife and business partner Barbara Lazaroff), plus his two recent toddlers Oliver Wolfgang and Alexander Wolfgang by his Ethiopian-born fiancée, handbag designer Gelila Assefa. In the July issue of Harper’s Bazaar the latter reveals, “I am the happiest woman on the planet. I feel like he is a gift.” A hopeless romantic as well, he’s delighted with their “lucky” wedding date set for 7-7-07 at 7 PM in Capri, Italy — with a birthday honeymoon beginning the next day!

Wolfgang shows his Sagittarius Moon through a robust sense of humor — and, his globe-trotting career, beginning with leaving his homeland in his teens, fits roaming Sag inclinations to a T. The Moon also opposes his Mars and Mercury in Gemini, displayed in gusts of enthusiasm and an exceptionally quick mind and voice. He has a wide trine of Neptune/South Node to his Mars, making him a smooth operator, and his Venus-Pluto in flamboyant Leo gives him a must-have personality. Pluto trines his Moon, so all things come to him with ease — he has faith in getting what he wants and pursues it with confidence. Jupiter at the end of Capricorn quincunx Mercury yields ambition and real business sense: he makes over $300,000 million yearly from his restaurants alone. Not to mention all his other endeavors — his inventive Mercury-Uranus conjunction keeps him constantly creating new products and original ways to develop them.

Current events: Jupiter in Sagittarius this year puts him on an emotional high, kicked off by marriage and a new family life established under his second Saturn return in the fall. The year after brings more responsibilities inside and out as that Saturn moves on to his progressed Sun. In the meantime, his progressed Moon chasing transiting Neptune keeps well-fed romance ever calling from the stars… As Wolfie says: "Live, love, eat!"

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