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Star Gazing


This Month's Birthday's

2008 Race to the White House

People in the News

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11:41 AM
Chicago Heights, IL

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In the News:

Indiana Jones 4, began shooting June 2007
Harrison Ford by John Townley

When Harrison Ford doesn’t have a script to pull from, he really doesn’t say a lot, which adds to the mystery of this Gary Cooper-like actor who happens to have practically nothing in common with Cooper, astrologically or otherwise, except that he doesn’t say a lot. There are a lot of reasons for that, starting with a tight conjunction of Sun and Moon (New Moon) in Cancer, putting both personality and emotions into the same intense but private and withdrawn spot. But Giorgio Armani has the same conjunction, and no one accuses him of being at a loss for words.

So, there must be more to it, and there is. The most obvious feature of the chart is that it is a bundle pattern, with all of the planets bunched up into less than a third of the entire circle, with the rest empty. It’s definitely got all the eggs in one basket and that’s a characteristic of this type — it’s all about intense, repeated variations on a single theme, a real specialist kind of reality that doesn’t waste time on anything but the main course. It doesn’t hurt to look at the time he was born into to get a further clue. This was the height of the desperate hours of World War II, when everybody’s eggs were in one basket, and a horrifically perilous one, indeed. All the joys and varieties of everyday life were put away and everyone’s life was filled with a single purpose: survival. Look into Ford’s eyes and the parts that he plays and that’s what you see — the quiet desperation of the besieged, the watchful and cautious glint of both predator and prey at the same time. He’s always playing for big stakes, and the cards could turn at any moment. It’s a thrilling role, because it is so concentrated while often at the same time trying to hide its concentration with casual ease as a form of protective camouflage.

Then, if you choose to include it, right out in the middle of space, there’s the South Node, the purveyor of received karma, rewards and punishments dealt by fate, turning it into a special kind of bucket chart, what one might label a “cauldron of destiny.” Events beyond control of anyone, particularly the person whose chart it is, rule everything in this kind of horoscope, and the next card could make or break the game at any time. The stuff movies are made of.

Tight bundle charts generally don’t have a lot of big aspect patterns — by their nature, they can’t — at best some conjunctions, sextiles, maybe a square or possibly one trine. Here it’s one trine, but a big one: Saturn-Uranus (science and determination) trine Neptune and the Ascendant (fantasy in the flesh). Add to that a sextile of Venus and Mars (easy, natural sexuality), and you’ve got a winner, once the Dealer hands him the right card. Sometimes that can be a wait — for Ford, nearly ten years of carpentry and bit-parts in film and TV. Until one day in 1975 with a single card the Dealer handed him an inside straight — in the person of Stephen Spielberg, who convinced George Lucas that the nobody he had hire to read with auditioning actors should get the part himself, of Han Solo in Star Wars. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Current events: The planets nicely played their part in shuffling the deck back then, as Ford had Saturn on his MC (career on halt) and Pluto on his Ascendant (image being totally sat on, overhauled) and he must have felt awfully oppressed. But the moment they got off these two critical personal points, everything changed and a new Harrison Ford was born. You’re going to see another big change this year as well, since his progressed Mars is just moving out of Virgo (where it’s been since he was 18) and into Libra, headed for his Ascendant by 2012. Watch his acting style change before your eyes. He’s essentially been playing the same role all these years, but now an aggressive, more flexible way of projecting his energies is just about to emerge, but only after one last replay of Indiana Jones.

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