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Star Gazing


This Month's Birthday's

2008 Race to the White House

People in the News

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12:30 AM
Philadelphia, PA

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In the News:

Celebrating his 70th birthday and is currently on tour.
Bill Cosby by John Townley

The most important planet in comedy is Uranus, as the most essential comic element is surprise. If you’re expecting the punch line, you’re not likely to laugh. So where Uranus is placed and what its aspects are tells you everything about a comic’s style and trademarks. If it’s cardinal and in hard aspect, especially Mars, you get fast-paced comedy with a lot of hostility buried in it. If it’s mutable and in easy aspect, you get a comic who sneaks up on you and slips in the punch line as an afterthought.

With Bill Cosby, Uranus is in the first house and with Aries rising, he’s always “in your face” (a line he uses a lot) but never aggressively or invasively. Uranus is part of a wide grand earth trine with Moon, Neptune, and Jupiter-MC, so his tales move along slowly, steadily, and roll the audience along with him. His Sun, Mercury, and Pluto make that grand trine into a Cupid’s bow (or kite) — or, if you want to look at it another way, they are the trunk and roots of a continually unfolding tale that leafs out and blossoms like a triangular tree. And with only one planet (Venus) in air, it’s not intellectual comedy (as opposed to, say, Woody Allen), but very physical. He’s got a rubber face and revels in it, as does his audience. And with all that steady earth, he doesn’t change much in style. He’s spinning essentially the same type of personal, physically-illustrated stories that he began with at Greenwich Village’s Gaslight Café in the early ‘60s. He’s grown, but the shape of the tree remains the same.

Another arrow coming out of that Cupid’s bow is Mars, in a very wide, almost leisurely opposition to Uranus, so it can give you a zinger but not a hurtful one, especially as it’s reassuringly trine the Sun. It’s not by accident that he is one of the only comics not to use profanity to spice up his act. He’s just too warm and mellow to need it — in fact, it would seem totally out of place. It’s not that he doesn’t experience pain and perhaps want to curse the world from time to time — especially at the tragic and pointless murder of his son — but with Saturn tucked away in the 12th and sextile Venus, he keeps it private and expresses it with grace.

Current events: He has always put an emphasis on values and education, especially in the black community to which he has given back to enormously, in both time and investment, but recently he’s been making a point of criticizing his own for being too hard, too abusive, and too self-destructive. Transiting Uranus opposite his Moon and this year’s set of Virgo-Pisces eclipses have got him on the move, especially as progressed Moon moves onto progressed MC (in the natal 12th) and he lets out his inner feelings for all to hear. With Jupiter transiting into his natal 10th house next year, expect more of the same.

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