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Star Gazing


This Month's Birthday's

2008 Race to the White House

People in the News

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09:00 AM
London, UK

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In the News:

The Duchess' 60th birthday
Camilla Parker Bowles by John Townley

Some people will tell you that the earth in your chart gives you durability, others will tell you it lends commonsense. Maybe Camilla Parker Bowles proves the latter, because she has no earth in her chart and anyone in their right mind would have given up after being frozen out of a royal marriage by the royal family itself. But Camilla apparently didn’t know any better (nor did Prince Charles) and kept a surreptitious romance going on for decades right under the eyes of the scandalized British press. And, in the end, she got her man.

The questions arise: what’s to like about her to keep a prince on the string so long, and how did she manage it? For all the deprecations heaped on her head by Diana-lovers, she really has an intense and nurturing Cancer-driven chart, with Sun, Moon, Venus, and Mercury all in Cancer in the 11th house of close friendship. If people weren’t so bent on calling her a marriage-wrecker to a competing Cancer, they might find her quite sweet. And with Leo rising, she has a distinctly robust, casually well-bred look about her that exudes upper-class upbringing without a hint of arrogance. That’s also the mark of a durable Jupiter in Scorpio trine that Cancer stellium. She doesn’t lack self-confidence, though she may indeed may be permanently afflicted with emotional indecision by the square of Neptune to her Moon. But with that same Neptune trine Mars, she can push on effectively without showing it.

Jupiter in the fourth house means a bountiful upbringing and a fortuitous end, and that may indeed be her case, but it’s also connected by a broad square to the famous Saturn-Pluto conjunction of 1947–48 so identifies with enduring triumph and suffering, in both individuals and nations. It was the spoiler to fortunate Jupiter here, and the private hurt that ever abided through the years of not having her heart’s desire (if, indeed, she was really sure what it was).

She brings to mind another famous royal romance two hundred years ago, when English stage star Mary Darby Robinson was courted by the Prince of Wales, an affair that was much-renowned but ultimately not to be, also because of star-crossed marriages getting in the way. As she fled to France in 1792 with a broken heart, her lament, penned on a boat crossing the English Channel ended:

Not one sigh shall tell my story
Not one tear my cheek shall stain;
Silent grief shall be my glory,
Grief that stoops not to complain.

Camilla bore her personal separation and public humiliation with just such quiet resolve. But unlike the actress before her, it had a happy ending, with her marriage to Prince Charles as her progressed Moon moved out over her Ascendant in preface to her second Saturn return.

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