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Know Your Lover
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We are all looking for love? Real love? The kind of love that makes the sun shine and the birds sing — even on a cloudy day! Astrologers have been helping people find the "right" person for thousands of years. In fact, in much of the world you don't get married UNTIL you have consulted an astrologer.

KNOW Your Lover brings 6,000 years of astrological knowledge and experience to your PC. You don't need to know a thing about astrology. This is the first astrology software that produces professional-quality results, but is designed to be used by non-astrologers.

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It's easy. Enter your birth information, then the second person. Click. That's it. IS IT LOVE?? Look at any relationship or potential relationship. Is it a match? You'll know instantly! KNOW who is right for you. KNOW why they are right for you. Then enjoy the happiness, and pleasure of a truly fulfilling relationship.

Don't be selfish! Share your newly discovered skill with your friends — you won't wear the software out, no matter how many charts you run. KNOW Your Lover is powered by the same precision calculation engine that has made Matrix Software the most respected name in astrology for more than 40 years.

Happier, more satisfying and fulfilling relationships are just a click away. For about the price of a single relationship report, you can own the software that creates them. People often "exaggerate" on compatilibity test, but an Astrology Chart never lies.


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Your Chart Amazingly accurate comparison of two astrological charts

The absolute ultimate astrological compatibility software. Amazingly accurate comparison of two astrological charts in an instant.

Pop-up Interpretations Your Daily Horoscope

Trying to decide whether you've found the one? Which romances may be worth pursuing, and which you may want to run from as fast as you can? Are you compatible?

Pop-up interpretations give you quick answers. Click on a planetary symbol in the chart and get an instant pop-up interpretation of what it means.

Onscreen Report Onscreen Report

Read your interpretation onscreen, scrolling through ten important categories.

Interactively view any part of the detailed report analyzing your two charts by simply clicking on key areas of your relationship, such as: Personality, Emotions, Mind, Desires, Energy, Success, Stability, Originality, Imagination, and Power. These expert interpretations are written in a clear, comfortable style that is easy and enjoyable to read. KNOW who is right for you!

Bar Graph A colorful graph

The A colorful graph instantly displays the influences at play in your relationship: Energy, Passion, Harmony, Strife, Productivity, Prosperity, Attraction, Understanding, Work, and Play. In the program you can mouse over each graph line and get a thumbnail of what it means.

Print Styles Print Styles

Don't be selfish! Help your friends find true love too!! KNOW Your Lover offers you four unique options for printing your report or chart, or a combination of both!

You can use Know Your Lover with confidence because it is powered by precision calculating engines created by Matrix Software, the most respected name in astrology software for more than 40 years.


KNOKW Your Lover requires a computer with Windows 8, 10, or 11. With 512 MB RAM memory or more, and 23 Mb hard disk space. Also compatible with either 32 bit or 64 bit operating system.

KNOKW Your Lover also runs on Mac computers with Windows Operating System installed.

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