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Astro*Talk is one of the most advanced astrological interpretations ever produced. This is smart software that combines the best of two worlds: the interpretive skills of leading astrologers along with the power of today's personal computers to accurately calculate, weigh, and assemble the correct text based on the elements of a specific natal chart. The result — a report of unmatched precision and insight!

However, regardless of the accuracy of the calculations, if the final report is not written with clarity, and in a style that is accessible, the results are useless. This program is the biggest-seller we've ever created — and we've been selling astrology software longer than anyone! Reports you create with Astro*Talk software are easy to read, and can be readily understood even by those who have absolutely no knowledge of astrology. In fact, Astro*Talk reports are an exceptional way to introduce someone new to astrology to its many benefits.

No-nonsense descriptions of the basic planetary configurations present in your life, and how these affect you, have made Astro*Talk, for more than twenty years, the most popular astrological report software used by professional astrologers. As sophisticated as it is, Astro*Talk software is exceptionally easy to use. You simply enter the birth data of the individual you are preparing the report for, and, click "process." A report of this depth and quality, done by hand, would take even the most experienced astrologer many hours to prepare — with this software, you do it with the click of a mouse!

We have been selling astrology software longer than anyone, and this program is the biggest-seller we have ever created!

Each report is beautifully formated and can include your own logo or contact information.

If you are a Professional Astrologer, Astro*Talk reports are produced ready to print and mail (or e-mail) to your clients. Each report is beautifully formatted, and you can easily include your own logo or contact information. User defined options within the report let you quickly shape the technique and final output. Before printing the report, you can load it into a word processing program of your preference for even more extensive modifications to the appearance — adding your own graphics or decorative fonts. This program can also print a chart wheel to go along with the natal report — and there are 8 wheel styles to choose from!

All Matrix program include free Technical Support.

All Matrix Report Software works as stand-alone programs or in conjunction with your other Matrix report software. The complete ACS U.S. and International atlas is included to assure that your reports are accurate. Reports can be viewed on-screen, printed, or saved for e-mailing to clients anywhere in the world.
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Astro*Talk Natal professional report software.

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Astro*Talk create beautifully formatted reports, ready to deliver or e-mail to your customer or client!