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Grant Lewi "Grant Lewis was the inspiration for a practical astrology. He took Old World helplessness and fear out of astrological measurements; he emphasized New World resourcefulness and strategy. For the first time an astrologer was explaining lifetime phenomena in terms of growth, development, and the process of becoming. His work has stood the test of time and continues indeed to bring astrology to the millions throughout the world and into the next millennium."
Noel Tyl
In every art and science there are masters, those people that move the field into an entirely new realm. Such was the talent of astrologer Grant Lewi. Understanding his technique through his own words is just one benefit of Heaven Knows What Professional software.

This is smart software that accurately calculates your chart for you and then considers the conditional statements so that it works much as the original books do, and as any good astrologer does - one aspect is modified because there is another contributing aspect in the chart. This allows for a more accurate reading of the character traits as displayed in the natal chart. The software then collects all of Lewi's comments strictly according to the astrological factors defined by all chart influences.

Grant Lewi (1902 - 1951) is a legendary figure among twentieth century astrologers. He was a writer and editor for the two largest astrological magazines of the time. His two books, Heaven Knows What and Astrology for the Millions, were the first astrological books to become best sellers and even today, over 50 years later, they remain among the best introductions to the subject of astrology.

The astrological interpretations found in Heaven Knows What and Astrology for the Millions were unique, fresh, and simple. Llewellyn George, a prominent astrologer of the time, remarked that Lewi's interpretations must be intuitive because they were unlike any that had been written before him. Today these interpretations remain energetic and forceful and still provide some of the clearest insights found anywhere in the literature of astrology.

Lewi was determined to make astrology more accessible to the average person, but while popularizing the subject he never watered it down or reduced it to the level found in "sun sign" astrology. Writing before computers were available, he made his books function as the computer, providing the reader with tables to generate their own charts or horoscopes and then linking his interpretations to the information found there. Lewi would have made good use of the computer, so much in his books seems to anticipate them. In his writing he tried to emulate the interpretation process by using a computerless version of artificial intelligence: the meaning of a planet in a sign doesn't stand alone but is modified by the other aspects found in your chart.

Many of his comments depend on a combination of factors and for this reason you will sometimes find that he has something different to say about an aspect in your chart than he does for the same aspect in your friend's chart.

Transits are also a key component to each Heaven Knows What report you produce. This information reflects current energies active in an individual's life, and the impact they may have on natal characteristics and tendencies. This consideration helps to make the report even more pertinent and immediately useful for the reader.

The text contained in a Heaven Knows What report is valid even for those who don't know their time of birth — Lewi focused on those factors that are in effect throughout the birthday. The only exception to this is the Moon which can move between 12 and 14 degrees in a day, so if the positions were calculated for noon then the Moon could be as much as 6 or 7 degrees different and possibly even change signs. If birth time is unknown if the time and the texts that involve the Moon seem unlikely, you may wish to compare reports done for the beginning and the end of the day.

At all times, Lewi's aim has been to show how astrology can be used as an aid in living a more satisfying and fulfilling life. Astrology offers indications and pointers — and sometimes insights — to situations that you find in life. By offering the reader a better understanding of the situation, they are in a better position to decide how to react and what action, if any would be advantageous. To quote Grant Lewi:

    "It is not limitations that eat out the heart, but inaction, the knowledge of powers not used, the sense of having failed to develop to the utmost. The overcoming of fate is not the overcoming of limitations: that is impossible. It is the exercise of free will, the assertion of the full self, expanding to its utmost with the tools at hand, in the circumstances that are set. Astrology, through the interpretation of the horoscope, assists men to the achievement of their maximum by indicating to them the lines along which their will may be most progressively applied, the goals to be sought, and the individual means by which each one may arrive at the outermost boundaries of his world."

An average Heaven Knows What personal report will average between 20 and 30 pages.

    "The endurance of astrology is one of our surest indexes of the value we place on ourselves and on our destiny. Its roots were planted thousands of years ago; its branches include every race that has a history. The Egyptians, Babylonians, Chinese, Assyrians, Chaldeans, Persians, Native Americans and East Indians, all had and have their astrology. The Greeks acquired it from the East, and the western world inherits it today". From Astrology for the Millions,
    Llewellyn Publishing

All Matrix Report Software works as stand-alone programs or in conjunction with your other Matrix report software. The complete ACS U.S. and International atlas is included to assure that your reports are accurate. Reports can be viewed on-screen, printed, or saved for e-mailing to clients anywhere in the world.
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