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The Jupiter Report

Jupiter is the planet of opportunity: the bringer of good luck; overseer of our particular fortune in the world; and guide on whatever particular path we travel searching for wealth and opportunity. Every astrologer knows this; however, this is not the only function of Jupiter: he is also the wise teacher, the planetary guru who shows us how to grow into the souls we were born to be, helping us to learn the key lessons we were meant to learn.

Samuel F. Reynolds

Every twelve years, as planet Jupiter returns to our natal position, an opportunity arises for us to gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of the lessons in our lives. By looking ahead and gaining a better understanding our upcoming Jupiter returns, we can obtain, before they occur, a better grip on life's lessons, and thus go through our transitions with our eyes more fully open.

Here, in concise and yet complete format, is a full-life report on Jupiter (the planet of direction and opportunity) written by master astrologer Sam Reynolds, a well-known astrologer who has extensive counseling experience.

Not only does Reynolds cover all of the standard astrological factors (Jupiter in sign, house, and aspects) but he also goes on to detail the key times that Jupiter returns over the next 84 years of your lifetime, thus revealing what lessons you are here to learn and acquire understanding from, at what age you might be facing striking challenges, and what strategies or rituals might be available to help you manage these challenges. The Jupiter Report provides details on seven complete Jupiter returns, including dates, with extensive written interpretations correlating each date. This is, essentially, a lifetime's "Jupiter journey" contained within a single report.

Moreover, like many of the newer reports from Matrix, the Jupiter Report includes a complete set of Astro*Images (tarot-like astrology cards) which can be turned on or off at the touch of a button. Many clients, new to astrology, find these cards and their visual clues very helpful in setting a mood conducive of understanding.

All Matrix Report Software works as stand-alone programs or in conjunction with your other Matrix report software. The complete ACS U.S. and International atlas is included to assure that your reports are accurate. Reports can be viewed on-screen, printed, or saved for e-mailing to clients anywhere in the world.
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