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Your Lunar Return is the monthly chart of the instant the Moon returns to the exact position where it was at the time of your birth. It is a kind of monthly birthday, and the arrangement of planets it displays reflects the patterns of your coming month. Each month, this re-birth-day works out its potential for you, and then, is renewed once again 27½ days later, with a new set of surprises and opportunities.

A personalized Lunar Return report provides you with an accurate moon forecast that will help guide you safely through the month. With this tool in hand, you can avoid the rocks, sailing smoothly through even the roughest tide-tossed seas.

Most of us know from personal experience that the moon often acts the role of an irresponsible joker, dancing through the natal chart each month, freely playing with and manipulating emotions and events. Sometimes the effect is harmless, even fun; but then there are those days you need to be forewarned of, or, you may suddenly find yourself deep in the middle of a situation you regret or involved with someone you should have avoided.

Here's what you will discover in a Lunar Return report?
As the Moon speeds through the month, the minute hand of your Lunar Return moves through all twelve houses of both your natal and Lunar Return charts, as well as hitting both sets of planets. There are forty-seven such events, and they recur repetitively every month, although not at the same time, nor in the same order. Even though these events repeat themselves each month, the playing field changes, and thus the basic transits have a different role to play every month, all the while retaining their core implications. Interpretation of the individual transits begins with the symbolism of the degree at which they occur, followed by an interpretation of their general meaning, and finishing with an outlay of the specific issues and influences they may bring into your life. Finally, although your personal Void-of-Course Moon periods will vary widely, they are important timing factors in the daily decision-making process — so, keep a close eye on them!

Professional Astrologers: You understand the advantage to be gained by being aware of these monthly lunar influences; now, share this knowledge with your clients: They will come to depend on these monthly guides for providing information they can put to use immediately.

All Matrix Report Software works as stand-alone programs or in conjunction with your other Matrix report software. The complete ACS U.S. and International atlas is included to assure that your reports are accurate. Reports can be viewed on-screen, printed, or saved for e-mailing to clients anywhere in the world.
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