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If you are a professional astrologer you may have had the rare but perplexing experience of interpreting a chart only to discover confusing discrepancies between the chart and the actual personality or situation of the client you were consulting. Maybe you were at the receiving end of the consultation and felt equally baffled. Don't blame the astrologer or their interpretation of your chart. There may be more to your story than was first observed or observable using only traditional interpretation techniques. We may have the answer to such dilemmas.

We each have lessons to learn. The traditional chart points to this as well. The past lives chart clarifies those lessons. It puts them up for a new examination, not to fear but to acknowledge and integrate into a resulting happier present.

Recently a growing number of astrologers have begun to apply the idea of karmic law to the interpretation of astrological charts. Some have gone further with their research and have developed techniques that allow them to glimpse past patterns and relate them to a person's current natal chart. By past patterns we are not referring to those developed earlier in life, but to patterns and tendencies from an earlier life or lives!

Bernie Ashman, author of "Sun Signs & Past Lives: Your Soul's Evolutionary Path" and author of our popular Simpáticos composite report software, is among those astrologers who have begun to explore the patterns of past life experience and to overlay them on an individual's current natal chart. The results are intriguing, exciting, and at times very revealing. When applying his past life technique Bernie has had more than one client experience the AHA! of revelation, as suddenly confusing discrepancies within their present natal chart were resolved when seen as a reflection of their past lives.

For centuries astrology has used symbols to represent past lives and karma. For some astrologers these are literal concepts and for others they are psychological, but for all they represent the experiences we inherit and the struggles we confront across the duration of many lives. Bernie Ashman has discovered a technique for creating a past life chart that shows life as a continual evolution. This Past Lives report software interprets this chart and provides insight into the talents and obstacles we face as a result of the patterns we continue to work through in each successive reality.

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