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We all know individuals who seem to have a special "charisma" that makes them a true pleasure to be around. As a result they are successful in nearly every endeavor. Though no one has been able to precisely define just what charisma is, one of the known elements is that those who possess this seemingly "mystical" power make us feel better about ourselves, merely by their presence. They empower us and make us more positive about who we are, just by being who they are. Their confidence and understanding of who they are radiates reassurance to all around them. Relating Potential doesn't promise to make you the most popular person on the block, but the knowledge and insight you gain from a Relating Potential report may be the most important knowledge you possess.

The focus of this program is on relationships — friendships, love, and business — literally any interaction with other people. Relating Potential produces a natal interpretation with an emphasis on the characteristics that help or hinder in forming and nurturing relationships. Our collaborator on this program is synastry expert John Townley. A skilled astrologer and talented writer, John's style is direct but friendly as he explores a sensitive area of real importance to each of us.

A Relating Potential report will give you insights into the type of partner a person would find attractive, as well as their potential relationship skills and potential problems. All aspects of relating are covered from psychological to sexual. Each chapter examines a different part of the whole. Relating Potential reports take the reader on an intimate journey of self-discovery. At the end of the voyage, happier, more fulfilling relationships await.

When is a report better than a mirror?
What makes this software unique is that it not only gives you a clear, objective look at the characteristics that shape your relationships, it gives you a very clear sense of how others perceive you. It is rare that we get even a glimpse of how another person really sees us, or how we inadvertently shape opinions about us and what we say or do more by indefinable subtleties than by the actual substance of our words or actions.

In the final analysis of any relationship it is how someone sees and reacts to you that shapes the relationship. Understanding another's perspective can give you a power that few people possess. Whether intimate personal relationships, family or business associations, the knowledge you gain from a Relating Potential report can result in more fulfilling, rewarding and successful relationships.

Each Chapter defines a Key Quality and Key Activity:

  • Chapter    1 - Your General Nature
  • Chapter    2 - Inner Responsiveness
  • Chapter    3 - Mentality
  • Chapter    4 - Inner needs, desires, sexuality
  • Chapter    5 - Energy, drive, activity
  • Chapter    6 - Expansiveness, growth, success
  • Chapter    7 - Seriousness, concentration, limitations
  • Chapter    8 - Originality, spontaneity, independence
  • Chapter    9 - Imagination, ideas, spirituality
  • Chapter 10 - Compulsiveness, fate, mission

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