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Matrix Astrological Web Services is a web-based calculation and interpretation service designed to run on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart phone. No software to buy or install, all you need is an Internet connection.

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Matrix Web Services

Matrix Web Services has three primary sections: Your Account, Your Balance, and The Sections.

YOUR ACCOUNT — In this section you will find all of your personal data, including your Personal Profile, a list of all of the charts you have entered, and a history of all the services you have ordered.

ACCOUNT BALANCE — View how much money you have in your account, or how many days you have left of your subscription: An 'Add Funds' button allows you to easily add money to your account or to renew your subscription. NOTE: The Buy-As-You-Need or the Free Limited account will show a balance of $0.

SECTIONSMatrix Web Services has two primary sections: Interpretations and Calculations. Clicking on either tab will show you all the services available for that section.

Account Data Area
Astrological Web Services

SORT DATA MENU — You can, simply by clicking on the menu, sort your saved charts by Customer Name, Products Ordered, or by the Date of the Purchase.

CHART DATA & HISTORY AREA — This area will display all of the charts you have saved. These will be displayed in the order you selected on the Sort Menu.

If you click on any of the listed items, a pop-up detailed list concerning that item will appear.

The data in this area will be saved for as long as your subscription is valid. You will be notified when your subscription is about to run out so that you can renew and not lose any saved data.

EDIT PROFILE — This is a collapsible menu. It doesn't show up until you click on it. To close it, just click the minus icon. Here you can update personal data such as e-mail, address, phone number, etc. as well as edit customer contact information. You can also delete old jobs you no longer need to save, access a complete list of your purchase history, etc..

You can also add funds to your account here, or, use the top-left link next to your account balance.

Account Balance
Astrological Web Services

AMOUNT OF YOUR CREDIT — Amount of credit left on your account will be shown on the top right corner of the page. If you have a 6/12 month subscription, , it will show the days left on your subscription. If you have a Pay-As-You-Go account, it will show the amount of dollars left in your account. If you have a Buy-As-You-Need or the Free Limited account, it will show the amount of dollars in $0.00.

ADD FUNDS — To add funds to your account, just click on the Add Funds button next to Account Balance, or, click on the link provided in the Edit Profile area.

– Subscriptions: A six month subscription is only $50 and includes a $30 credit toward any reports ordered. An annual (one-year) subscription is $100 and includes a $60 credit toward any reports ordered. For as long as your subscription is valid, all data pertaining to any of your charts will be saved. You will also be notified when your subscription is about to run out. Use any of our products for as many times as you like for this flat semi-annual or annual fee.

– Pay-As-You-Go: Add money anytime. Put in as little as $25 dollars for $30 worth of services, $50 for $60 worth of services, and $100 for $125 worth of services. (We save your chart data so long as your balance is above $10.)

Service Sections
Astrological Web Services Astrological Web Services

INTERPRETATION — Online reports. Twenty different reports, from Natal to Forecasting, including the highly popular Matrix reports: Friends & Lovers, Astro*Talk, TimeLine, the Light Series, etc... Reports are created and delivered in PDF format, emailed directly to you or to your customer.

Click on any of the following reports to view a full PDF sample.

NEW – The Birthday Report – Solar Return Forecasting
NEW – Ten-Year Luck Cycles – Chinese Report
NEW – Pillars of Destiny – Chinese Report
NEW – Four Pillars Annual Report – Chinese Report
StarTypes – Individual Relationship
StarTypes Life Path – Vocational Decision
StarTypes Life Chakras – Inclinations and Disinclinations
StarTypes Life Strategy – Life Strategy
Astro*Talk – Natal
StarTypes Compatibility – Compatibility
The Friends Report – Synastry Relationship
The Lovers Report – Synastry Relationship
The Eros Report – Astro-Sexual Report
NEW – Web Calendar – 12-Month Calendar
Local Space Report – Relocation
Life Landscape Report – Saturn Cycles
TimeLine – Forecasting
Just for Women – Natal
Communications and Connections Forecast – Mercury Forecasting
Love and Values Forecast – Venus Forecasting
Drive and Ambition Forecast – Mars Forecasting
Career and Life Path Forecast – Jupiter Forecasting
Discipline and Control Forecast – Saturn Forecasting
Innovation and Insight Forecast – Uranus Forecasting
Imagination and Spirituality Forecast – Neptune Forecasting
Transformation Forecast – Pluto Forecasting

Chart Calculation Chart Calculation

CALCULATIONAstrological Chart Wheels online. Dozens of charts to choose from, ranging from the simplest Standard Wheel to the most elaborately designed ones. You can also design your own Chart Wheel(s), choosing from among the dozens of different sizes, formats and designs we have available for you.

Click on the name of any of the following charts to view a PDF sample.

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  • Web base calculation and interpretation service.
  • You can use it from your Desctop, Laptop, Tablet, or Smartphone.
  • PDF natal, transits, progressions, directions, solar and lunar return charts.
  • Several chart styles: Standard, Unequal, European or Aries.
  • PDF Charts for e-mail.
  • 25 most popular reports Service.
  • 12 web mobile apps.
  • Web mobile full-scale transit report.
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Three Chinese Reports:
    – Ten-Year Luck Cycles
    – Pillars of Destiny
    – Four Pillars Annual Report

12-Month Web Calendar

You can use the Web Service on your smartphone or tablet.

Astrological Web Service in your smartphone
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