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Astro*Talk is one of the most advanced astrological interpretations ever produced. This is smart software that combines the best of two worlds: the interpretive skills of leading astrologers along with the power of today's personal computers to accurately calculate, weigh, and assemble the correct text based on the elements of a specific natal chart. The result — a report of unmatched precision and insight!

However, regardless of the accuracy of the calculations, if the final report is not written with clarity, and in a style that is accessible, the results are useless. This program is the biggest-seller we've ever created — and we've been selling astrology software longer than anyone! Reports you create with Astro*Talk software are easy to read, and can be readily understood even by those who have absolutely no knowledge of astrology. In fact, Astro*Talk reports are an exceptional way to introduce someone new to astrology to its many benefits.

No-nonsense descriptions of the basic planetary configurations present in your life, and how these affect you, have made Astro*Talk, for more than twenty years, the most popular astrological report software used by professional astrologers. As sophisticated as it is, Astro*Talk software is exceptionally easy to use. You simply enter the birth data of the individual you are preparing the report for, and, click "process." A report of this depth and quality, done by hand, would take even the most experienced astrologer many hours to prepare — with this software, you do it with the click of a mouse!

We have been selling astrology software longer than anyone, and this program is the biggest-seller we have ever created!

Each report is beautifully formated and can include your own logo or contact information.

If you are a Professional Astrologer, Astro*Talk reports are produced ready to print and mail (or e-mail) to your clients. Each report is beautifully formatted, and you can easily include your own logo or contact information. User defined options within the report let you quickly shape the technique and final output. Before printing the report, you can load it into a word processing program of your preference for even more extensive modifications to the appearance — adding your own graphics or decorative fonts. This program can also print a chart wheel to go along with the natal report — and there are 8 wheel styles to choose from!

All Matrix program include free Technical Support.

All Matrix Report Software works as stand-alone programs or in conjunction with your other Matrix report software. The complete ACS U.S. and International atlas is included to assure that your reports are accurate. Reports can be viewed on-screen, printed, or saved for e-mailing to clients anywhere in the world.
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Author Michael Erlewine About Michael Erlewine

Besides being the author/astrologer behind our top-selling Astro*Talk, TimeLine, and Friends and Lovers report programs, Michael is the man who founded Matrix back in the late '70s. Michael and his brother Stephen Erlewine (Stephen is still head of all astrological programming for Matrix) built Matrix into the leading producer of astrology software.

For many years Michael lived in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where he was much in demand as a counseling astrologer specializing in relationship and vocational advice. He also taught astrology at local schools and colleges, working with groups of as many as 1,200 people.

Michael is also known for his entrepreneurial drive which, in addition to Matrix, led him to create the All Music Guide - the largest music database in the world - and the All Movie Guide, as well as several award-winning websites, including

Michael also founded the Heart Center Library, the largest astrological library in North America that is open to the public. He remains curator of the works contained in this library, tapping this resource for one of his pet projects - a complete astrological encyclopedia.

Today Michael lives in the northern Michigan community of Big Rapids with his wife of 33 years and his family. He still does occasional private astrological counseling as people from around the world continue to seek his advice.

Those interested in a personal reading by Michael may contact him at:

Complete PDF Sample Report Inside a Report

Inside an Astro*Talk Report

Here's what you will find inside an Astro*Talk report:

If you are providing a report to someone unfamiliar with in-depth astrological reports, you may choose to include a brief introduction to astrology and the concepts used by astrologers today interpreting charts. This is an option that can be turned on or off.

The Planets
The first and largest chapter of an Astro*Talk report takes the reader through the planets and their aspects, beginning with the Sun and the Moon. You have a choice of 12 different aspect sets, plus the option of including or omitting any combination of planets. (Two sets of interpretations in this software means no duplications in the text of planetary aspects).

Life Landscapes
These Saturn transits in the Grant Lewi-style provide description of major life periods: your personal background, plus a close-up look at your current situation, complete with exact dates of Saturn transits.

Burn Rate
Do you run hot and fast? Do things in your life change rapidly? Or is your life less turbulent and more straight-forward? Discover your personal "Burn Rate." "Burn Rate" is based on a new and exciting technique. The geocentric and heliocentric positions of the planets are analyzed and the planets in high focus are interpreted. Discover if your burn rate is high or low, or in-between and whether the majority of your planets are in the past, present or future.

Chart Pattern/Soul Type
Both geocentric and heliocentric charts are analyzed for major chart patterns and then interpreted. You inner self is contrasted with your outer personality. Keys to both inner and outer aspects are delineated. Even your personal "hot spot" (the most aspected planet) is described.

Elemental Balance
This section analyzes elements, modalities, and angularities. Discover which you have in abundance or which you are lacking. Measuring these gives a general picture of the person.

Challenges and Abilities
This is a second breakdown of planetary aspects, describing areas of intense focus and activity. Challenges can be difficult, requiring caution and extra patience. Abilities are areas of clear insight and real talent.

Interface Nodes
Interface Nodes provides a complete heliocentric planetary node analysis. The position of each planet in relation to the other planets is indicated by either inclinations (likes) or disinclinations (dislikes). The nodes represent our root level or core - our innermost qualities.

House Activity and Emphasis
This is a six-to-eight page report on this very important basic part of astrology. Houses, signs, and planets in houses are looked at in this section.

Major Transits
Astro*Talk calculates and interprets transits for Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. It gives dates when the next major transits for these planets are exact in your chart.

Explanatory Supplement
This is a 15 page introduction to astrological terms and concepts. Like any of the chapters in an Astro*Talk report you may choose to include or exclude this chapter based on your understanding of your client's needs.

Technical Facts

Technical Facts about Astro*Talk

Note: All Matrix reports are shipped with default presets selected by the author of the particular program and our astrologers. Once on your computer they are ready to begin calculating reports for you immediately. However, each Professional program gives you a selection of choices and options that permit you to shape many components to your personal preference. Available options will vary by report.

  • Choose U.S. or Euro date formats.
  • Select the start date for your report for applicable sections. Built-in ephemeris from 600 B.C to 2299 A.D.
  • Select from Aspect Sets including: Standard, Ptolemy, Conjunction, Conjunction and Oppositions, Squares, Hard, Soft, Synastry, Complete, Custom, Squares One Degree Orb, and Tithis. Text interpretations are only available for the Ptolemy Aspect Set.
  • Select which Natal planets to include.
  • Select the format of your report to include or exclude specific chapters.
  • Select the arrangement of the chapters of your report.
  • Turn Astro Keys on or off.
  • Reports print nicely formatted and ready to mail or deliver or they can be easily personalized to reflect your personal tastes and preferences.
  • Print directly to printer, edit file then save, or save to file for e-mailing or import into other word processing programs.
  • Astro*Talk is a complete program that will function as a stand-alone or in conjunction with other Matrix programs. Reports in the Win*Writer Professional collection work within the same user window making it easy to produce multiple reports quickly and efficiently either individually or in convenient batches.
  • A customizable User Page allows you to include your contact and promotional information as a part of each report helping to assure repeat business from your satisfied clients.
  • Standard Win*Writer options include ability to personalize individual reports.
Professional or Express?

Win*Writer Professional Reports
Win*Writer Express Personal Reports

Win*Writer Professional Reports Win*Writer Express Personal Reports
Win*Writer Professional report software is designed for astrologers and entrepreneurs who want to sell the reports they create. Win*Writer Express Personal Programs are designed for students, amateur astrologers, non-astrologers—and others, who want to create useful astrological reports for themselves, their friends, and their families.
These programs offer user-defined settings that allow you to tailor reports according to your own personal taste and preference; batch processing is available, and special editing tools permit even further personalization of either the individual reports or of the permanent text database—you can add, for example, your own graphics, a personal logo, contact information and much more–the choice is yours! These reports give you the same precise astrological calculation and in-depth interpretation as is found in the Professional software; they do not, however, offer the user-defined options available in those more advanced report-writers.
Reports may be printed or saved for easy e-mailing. The reports you create with this quality software can be read onscreen or printed.
This software license includes the right to resell the reports you create. Express reports may not be sold.
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Astro*Talk Natal professional report software.

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