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How can I access my Win*Star charts through Winning Times? 0:46 minutes
How can I add Transiting Midpoints to Winning Times? 1:05 minutes
How can I change the Aspects used in Winning Times? 1:18 minutes
How can I change the Current Place in Winning Times? 0:38 minutes
How can I change the date I'm viewing in Winning Times? 1:06 minutes
How can I change the default House System used in Winning Times? 0:25 minutes
How can I customize the Rulerships used in Winning Times? 0:35 minutes
How can I customized the orbs used for the Transiting Aspects in Winning Times? 1:19 minutes
How can I read the Scans in Winning Times? 1:37 minutes
How can I use Winning Times to keep track of my wins and losses and find out
which planets, aspects, and houses are lucky for me?
3:02 minutes
How do I access my Adobe Acrobat PDF Reports? 0:35 minutes
How do I change which hour I'm viewing in Winning Times? 0:29 minutes
How do I change which planets are considered Red and Green? 1:17 minutes
How do I choose which house cusps show up in my scans and lists? 1:23 minutes
How do I e-mail a report from Winning Times? 1:47 minutes
How do I get more Yellow Dots? 0:41 minutes
How do I know which planets are lucky? 1:44 minutes
How do I make a new chart in Winning Times? 1:42 minutes
How do I manage my Chart Database? 2:52 minutes
How do I print a Scan, List, or Graph from Winning Times? 0:31 minutes
How do I read the Lists in Winning Times? 0:55 minutes



Winning Times is recommended for use by:
Experienced Professional astrologers and serious student astrologers.
Not recommended for use by non-astrologers.

All calculation and/or interpretations produced by this program are intended for research or entertainment only. Matrix Software and all associated companies assume no liability for any decisions made based upon output from this program.



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