Win*Star 6.0 Tutorials

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The overview videos below provide a quick overview of all of the features in the Win*Star 6.0 main program.

Videos 1-4 cover features available to all three levels.

Video 5 covers features only available to Extended and Professional System.

Win*Star 6.0 Overview part 1     10 Mb
This video covers basic program features and tools found on the Classic side.
Win*Star 6.0 Overview part 2     9 Mb
This video covers new program abilities and features on the Extended side.
Win*Star 6.0 Overview part 3     6.5 Mb
This video covers the Data views and other astrological data available in Win*Star 6.0.
Win*Star 6.0 Overview part 4     14.5 Mb
This Video covers features available in the drop-down menus and external applications.
Win*Star 6.0 Overview part 5     19 Mb
This video covers features only available to Win*Star 6.0 Extended and Professional System packages.
How to enter a new chart     5 Mb
How to use the chart slots     12.5 Mb
Top 12 chart wheels window     3.9 Mb
How to use the date change box     6.5 Mb
Local Space and AstroClock advanced features     6.4 Mb
How to create an ephemeris (Time Tables)     12.9 Mb
How to create a Graphic Ephemeris     6.9 Mb
Winstar Options     21.88 Mb
How to create your own aspect sets - Options II     5.9 Mb
More Tutorials for Win*Star 6.0 Professional

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