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Complete Home Business System

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  Win*Star 4.0 Professional          
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  Professional Report Package    

  Complete Home Business System

Home Business System

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Matrix Complete Home Business System
All the astrology software you will need to start your Business.

For years Matrix customers have been using our programs to build lucrative businesses selling astrological reports, charts, and services. Whether your goal is simply extra income or something more ambitious like financial independence, our new Complete Home Business System will get you started right.

The Complete Home Business System includes 6 professional programs:

  Win*Star Professional System Chart Calculation Program  

Win*Star 4.0

Win*Star Version 6.0 Professional System is the product of nearly 32 years of development. No other astrology software is as complete, or as well thought out as Win*Star 6.0. Why? Because Win*Star 4.0 wasn't created in a void by a group of programmers sitting in a windowless room. Win*Star 6.0 is the result of our programmer/astrologers working with the thousands of astrologers worldwide that use our software. Without this critical collaboration, and feedback from people who actually put our software to the "reality" test every day, Win*Star 4.0 would be just another piece of astrology software.

Win*Star Version 4.0 Professional System includes over 200 beautiful wheels and chart forms, a complete mapping module, the most powerful search available, the complete ACS U.S. and International atlas, a sophisticated transit viewer, an Astro*Clock, Swiss Ephemeris, PDF outputs, Designer Wheels, and much more. Win*Star 4.0 is a complete astrologer's toolbox for people who refuse to settle for anything but the best.     Click here to learn more about Win*Star Version 4.0

  Matrix Search Professional Transit-Progression Report Program  

Matrix Search

Matrix Search gives you the power to create and save personalized searches that you can then access instantly, or you can use the pre-programmed One-Click Select Searches that include the standard: Transit-to-Transit Searches, Transit-to-Natal Searches, Progressed-to-Natal Searches, Transit-to-Progressed Searches, Arc-to-Natal Searches, Pattern Searches. Add any planet, object, or point in the universe to your searches.     Click here to learn more about Matrix Search
  Matrix HorizonsThe 21st Century Astro*Mapping Software  

Matrix Horizons

Matrix Horizons is the first new Astromapping/Relocation astrology program of
the new century. Horizons will take your relocation work to an entirely new,
and better, place.

You will appreciate the range of tools the program offers, giving you incredible flexibility and the ability to efficiently evaluate a location or group of locations even while you have a client on the phone. The fluid interface lets you move easily through different considerations and perspectives. Extensive interpretations, easy-to-read and understand graphs that let you easily compare and evaluate locations, as well as theme maps that show you precisely where particular influences lie on your personal chart/map. With a few clicks you can even create your own themes, and then map them instantly!     Click here to learn more about Matrix Horizons

  Day WatchAstrological Forecasting & Calendar  

Day Watch

Day Watch is the most innovative astrological forecasting software available. Certainly it creates personalized astrological calendars, a great tool for Professional astrologers and those who have an understanding of astrological terms, symbols, and technique.

Day Watch also contains a full range of onscreen and printable interpretations of events that even someone with absolutely no astrological training can read, understand, and immediately put to use in their daily lives.

For planning, Day Watch is absolutely essential.     Click here to learn more about Day Watch

  Complete Professional Report Package The three most popular report software  

Professional Report Package

The Complete Professional Report Package includes the three most popular report writer professional programs in the market: Astro*Talk, Friends & Lovers, and TimeLine     Click here to learn more about the Complete Professional Report Package

  Astro*Talk     Natal Report program
This is the finest birth horoscope report software ever created. It gives you a detailed, comprehensive interpretation of a chart that is easy to read and understand.     More about Astro*Talk

  Friends & Lovers     Relationship Report program
The ultimate relationship report software! Whether you are comparing friends, co-workers, mates, or potential lovers, the reports you produce will give you a clear picture of how the two will relate.     More about Friends & Lovers

  TimeLine     Forecasting Report program
Forecasting is one of the main jobs an astrologer is asked to do. TimeLine report software lets you move back and forth through time with the click of a button. You can truly know what's in someone's future.     More about TimeLine

Includes the complete ACS, U.S. and International atlas for accurate chart and report calculation.

Home Business System

Add to Cart $1369.6 $675

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