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  Package Includes:
    Astro*Talk Professional
    Friends & Lovers Professional
     TimeLine Professional
Matrix Software > Business Package > TimeLine by Michael Erlewine & Richard Nolle 

TimeLine : Professional Astrological Report Program

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Now you can zero right in
on your "coming events"

Professional Report Package

English $899.85 $449.87
Spanish $899.85 $449.87 Dutch $899.85 $449.87 Norwegian $899.85 $449.87

TimeLine is designed to produce a variety of forecasting reports that let you move back and forth through time effortlessly (looking back on special events can be as enlightening as looking forward). You can produce transit reports, progressed reports, solar arc direction reports . . . alone or in combination. You can mix eclipse contacts, house and sign ingresses and much more. Easily configure your software to produce precisely the type of reports you want to offer your clients and customers.

Mix transits with progressed or directed hits - major and minor progressions even have a separate set of planets that are active. TimeLine reports can be created for 1, 3, 6 or 12 month periods. The built-in ephemeris covers a period from 600BC to 2299 AD. In composing a report the software intelligently weighs and balances different chart factors objectively to produce reports of astounding accuracy.

Reports are can be produced ready to be printed and mailed or save the file for quick emailing, You may choose to view your reports on-screen or use the built-in editor to further personalize individual reports or to tailor the program's database to permanently reflect your personal preferences.

Timeline Features:

  • Coordinate systems include Geocentric, Heliocentric, Right Ascension including Geo or Helio Precessed.

  • Choose between either the Tropical or Sidereal Zodiac.

  • Comprehensive Transits - select from a range of planets

  • Major progressions and directions - eight available forms of major progressions and directions are Secondary, Solar Arc, Degree-for-a-year, Naibod Arc, Ascendant Arc, Vertical Arc, Quotidian #1, Quotidian #2, The two available forms of minor progressions are Minor and Tertiary. You can select major and minor progressions in the same report.

  • Eclipse information solar and lunar eclipse to natal aspects in a selectable orb

  • Optional house and sign ingresses - Transit to House, Transit to Sign, Major Progressed House, Major Progressed Sign, Minor Progressed House, or Minor Progressed Sign.

  • Aspects - click to us Aspects to Natal Midheaven and Ascendant or to use True Body Aspects instead of ecliptic.

  • Sort hits on Enter or Exact contacts.

Inside A Timeline Report

Report Highlights
This section covers major events; those with a duration of longer than about two months.

Monthly format
Reports can be divided into separate monthly chapters, including a monthly highlight for events with duration of longer than 16 days. If the monthly Timeline is also enabled, each month's TimeLine will start the chapter, followed by the month's highlights and then the chronological text.

Key Information
Contains the planet aspect or event, house and sign positions and enter, exact and leaving dates with definable orbs.

Text repetition
You can decide whether you want the main report to repeat the text that was printed in the highlights.

Date format
Users can elect to enter dates in the Euro manner, or U.S. standard.

Starting Positions
Print the house and sign locations and interpretive paragraphs of active planets for the report starting date.

Technical Facts about TimeLine

(Note: All Matrix reports are shipped with default presets selected by the author of the particular program and our astrologers. Once on your computer they are ready to begin calculating reports for you immediately. However, each Professional program gives you a selection of choices and options that permit you to shape many components to your personal preference. Available options will vary by report.)

  • Choose report lengths of 1, 3, 6 or 12 months

  • Choose U.S. or Euro date formats

  • Select start date for your report. Built in ephemeris from 600 B.C to 2299 A.D.

  • Select location for your report

  • Select Aspects set including: Standard, Ptolemy, Conjunction, Conjunction and Oppositions, Squares, Hard, Soft, Synastry, Complete, Custom, Squares One Degree Orb, Tithis

  • Select Natal planets to include

  • Select transiting planets to include

  • Select progressed planet and method of progression including: secondary, solar arc, degree for year, Naibod, Asc.Ac, Vert. AC, Quotidian

  • Include Ingresses for: transiting house, transiting sign, progressed house, Progressed sign (progressions can be selecting using two methods)

  • Sort aspect hits on either exact date or enter date

  • Select the format of your report to include or exclude specific chapters

  • Turn Eclipse aspects on or off

  • Choose eclipse aspects to calculate - see aspect sets included in program above.

  • Set degree of orb

  • Choose from Geocentric, Heliocentric, Equatorial, Geocentric Precessed or Heliocentric Precessed coordinate systems.

  • Reports print nicely formatted and ready to mail or deliver or they can be easily personalized to reflect your personal tastes and preference.

  • Print directly to printer, edit file then save, or save to file for emailing or import into other word processing programs.

  • TimeLine is a complete program that will function as a stand-alone or in conjunction with other Matrix programs. Reports in the Win*Writer Professional collection work within the same user window making it easy to produce multiple reports quickly and efficiently either individually or in convenient batches.

  • Includes complete ACS, U.S. and International atlas with more than 258,000 world locations, precisely plotted and timed.

  • A customizable User Page allows you to include your contact and promotional information as a part of each report helping to assure repeat business from your satisfied clients.

  • Standard WinWriter options include ability to personalize individual reports and make global database modifications that will be reflected in each.

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All Matrix Report Software works as stand-alone programs. The complete ACS U.S. and International atlas is included to assure that your reports are accurate. Reports can be viewed on-screen, printed, or saved for emailing to clients anywhere in the world.

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