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  Personal Astrology Software
Express Personal Astrologi Software

We know that the best way to learn astrology is by doing astrology.
These aren’t “dumbed-down” versions of our Professional programs. Personal software are programs designed from the ground up to give the novice, student, and amateur the ability to produce professional results and to learn astrology while producing results that can be put to use now, by you, your family, and friends. This makes learning astrology easy, and yes – fun.

Astrology is about information, these programs give it to you fast and in a form and format that make it easy to put what you have learned to use now. Every Personal program passes the same rigorous tests for accuracy and precision that has made all Matrix software the standard by which all others
are judged.

Blue*Star Personal
Blue*Star Personal is a 21st Century astrology program that combines traditional astrology chart wheels and calculations with fully-illustrated state-of-the-art interpretive reports – sixteen separate reports in all.

Blue*Star is part of the newest generation of innovative Matrix programs with ease-of-use professional tools such as Two Wheel Display, Aspects List Box, Arabic Parts, Time*Scan, Around the Wheel, Midpoints, Designer Wheels, Matrix Ephemeris, and more.

Blue*Star Personal includes screen versions of the 16 most popular Matrix reports, completely formatted and with full-color images. You can read these reports on screen.
On The Professional level the reports can be saved, printed, and emailed as PDF files. More...

KNOW Thru Astrology
KNOW Thru Astrology Series Created specifically for the non-astrologer. KNOW software
is easy and fun to use. The reports you create meet the same exacting standards for precision and accuracy as our leading Professional programs. More...
    KNOW Your Future: Now you don’t have to wonder what’s in your future . . . with a click of the mouse you’ll KNOW.
    KNOW Your Child: Sensitive, insightful, an astrological manual for raising a healthy, happy child.
    KNOW Your Lover: Now you can know what astrologers know about finding and creating successful, satisfying relationships.
    KNOW Your Lover: Analyze your chart, then do your family, then your friends,
    amazing and lots of fun.
    KNOW Your Dog: If you love your dog, you will love this program.

Win*Star Express
Win*Star Express is probably the most popular astrology software in the world today. This program lets you begin creating and interpreting astrological charts as soon as you open the program. From pop-up interpretations that show you what each planet represents within the chart, to printable interpretations and a complete encyclopedia of astrological terms and techniques, it has everything you need to get started in astrology correctly. More...

Win*Writer Express Personal Colection

Astrological Report Software - Win*Writer Express Personal Report Series offers you a selection of interpretive reports programs that make it possible for even non-astrologers to produce Professional-quality astrological interpretive reports with just a couple clicks of the mouse. You simply fill in the simple onscreen form with the birth data of the person for whom you are creating a report, and then click the process button; it’s that simple. Express Personal Reports were created in collaboration with some of today’s leading astrologer/authors. The reports you create are detailed, insightful, and clearly written. It’s like having an experienced astrologer on call 24/7. More...

Tarot Personal Edition
Tarot Professional/Personal Edition – Matrix Software is the first company to offer Tarot software that truly captures the look and feel of a live Tarot reading. The program includes ten popular decks, 19 pre-designed layouts, and much more. It was given a five-star rating by one of the leading Professional Tarot readers in America. More...

BioWriter Personal Biorhythm Software
Biorhythms – Biowriter creates personalized biorhythm charts for any month you select. Awareness of your personal cycles - physical, intellectual, emotional and intuitive - helps you plan your critical activities to take advantage of those times when you are performing at your very best. You'll be amazed at the results. Tune in and stay on top. More...

Astrology Starter Pack
Astrology Starter Package – This is a great way to start or expand your interest in astrology. For almost three decades we have introduced thousands of people worldwide to astrology and astrology software. This package saves you money and gets you headed in the right direction. More...

All Matrix programs include free Customer Support.

If you have questions about your software, a particular technique or method just call or email us,
we’ll be glad to help.

Use the list at the left of your screen to explore our software. If you have ANY questions about astrology or any of our programs, don't hesitate to call (1-800-752-6387) or e-mail us (
and we will help you. Check back often - we're always adding new software.

Support for old software

Company policy places limits on the age of our software than we can support.

For technical reasons we can no longer support software older than 2005 on windows XP or older than 2008 on Vista and later. We do not support versions of windows prior to XP nor DOS.

If you have any technical issues with older software you will be asked to update or upgrade to the appropriate version of our software for the version of windows installed on your machine.

For upgrade prices please contact Matrix Sales by phone: 1-800-Planets   —   352-373-1504
or you can email us at

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