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Life Progressions Report
Life Progressions gives you a sense of the "big picture."

The typical astrological forecast uses what are known as transits to look at upcoming planetary events and influences that will impact your chart over a specific - generally shorter - term. It is likely that you have never read a report like this, one that gives you a sense of the big picture. It describes for you where and when you are in your life, and offers advice on how to use these times to your greatest advantage.

The skills of the undisputed Master of Progressions Sophia Mason were the source of this extraordinary report. Sophia understood the evolution of a natal chart through time better than any astrologer before or since. She was the teacher's teacher and when you read your personal Life Progressions report you will understand why. Perhaps she best describes the importance of a personal Life Progressions report:

"We are born into an existing progression of change, through which we evolve and grow during our lifetime. Being conscious of our position in this succession of change helps us more clearly define and understand ourselves. An awareness of our current life situation relative to a larger, evolving chain of events helps us negotiate the challenges that confront us in our daily lives."

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