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Lunar Return Report
Careful, read one personal Lunar Return report, and you'll want one every month!

I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sensitive to the Moon as it moves through my chart each month. Most of the time we get along just fine, BUT THERE ARE THOSE DAYS that I don't want to face without some warning. Which is one of the things my Lunar Return report does for me. Not that I stay in bed or hide in a closet when I see those days headed my way, I've found that by being aware of them they can often be turned to my advantage—sometimes much to my advantage.

What you get in your personal Lunar Return report first is an overview of what you're likely to feel and experience through the month. Next you get a detailed, day-by-day look at significant lunar events/influences, what they mean, and some very useful advice. There are also handy keywords that quickly clue you into what's up and what to do; I find these keywords intuitive and especially useful.

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