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Celebrity Astro Search

Thousand of birth dates of famous people. See who shares your birthday, or use the information to create your own astrological charts or reports. Use Win*Star Express to make a relationship chart with your favorite celebrity.


Desktop Wallpapers

Our graphic artists create some great astrological images. We often have requests for prints of our catalog covers and other Matrix projects. Give your computer desktop a more dramatic look.


Learn Astrology

Start clicking and enjoy your travels through this wealth of knowledge and information.

Beginning Astrology

Your Sun Sign

Astrology Articles

Astrology Book Reviews

Visual Astrology

Astrophysical Directions


Astrology Organizations


Find an Astrologer in your area

Matrix works with thousands of astrologers all over the world. Many of these astrologers offer personal counseling. Though we cannot recommend or evaluate the services of the individual astrologers who register here, it can provide you with a selection of professionals in your area.



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Matrix Oracle   (

Long before the movie was even imagined our Matrix Oracle was one of the most popular sites on the web. Astrology, Relationship reports, Tarot, Runes, I Ching, Numerology, Almanac and more. Lot's of fun.


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