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Malefic [Astro*Index]

[L maleficus, wicked, mischievous, L male, bad]

Having a bad influence. The traditional malefic planets in astrology are Mars and Saturn. The outer planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto have been ascribed varying degrees of badness since astrologers became aware of them. A humanistic trend in interpretation thinks of maleficity simply in terms of one's challenges or obstacles to enlightenment. The term malefic is also used to describe any inharmonious aspect.

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Malefic [DeVore]

1. (n.) Applied to certain planets deemed to exert a harmful influence; chiefly Mars and Saturn. v. Planets.

2. (a) As usually employed, it is loosely applied to an inharmonious aspect with any planet, and to a conjunction with any malefic planet. v. Planets.


(Zodiacal Aspects)

Malefic. Those based on 2, combine signs that are less congenial, and operate generally at cross-purposes, hence are termed malefic. Modern astrologers tend to prefer malefic aspects between harmonious planets, to benefic aspects between malefic planets - but this enters into the realm of interpretation where mathematics yields to psychology. A planet thus aspected, particularly if by a malefic planet, is said to be afflicted.

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