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2 articles for "Solomon"

Solomon's Seal [DeVore]

Two interlaced triangles, the angles of which form the six-pointed star. Often one of the triangles is dark and the other light, symbolizing the union of soul and body. According to occult symbology the apex of the emblem represents the human head or intelligence; the two upper outstretched points, sympathy with everything that lives; the two lower, human responsibility; the angle at the bottom, pointing earthward, procreative power — the cryptograph, in its entirety, denoting complete individuality or human entity.

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Solomon's Temple [DeVore]

Solomon, Son of David, by Bathsheba, King of Israel in the 10th century B.C., was noted for his superior wisdom, and his great wealth. To the great temple he built at Jerusalem has been attributed many symbolic interpretations. In occult literature the human body, as developed by divine principle, is referred to as Solomon's Temple.

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