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Swift in Motion [Astro*Index]

Said of a planet, the diurnal motion of which exceeds the average daily motion for that body.

According to Lilly, this is an accidental dignity of 2 points. "Slow in motion" is an accidental debility of 2 points. (Lilly's Point Systems). The moon is the most interesting body with regard to this principle, since it has the greatest (geocentric) variance in average daily motion, from xxxx to xxxxx. Mercury has the greatest heliocentric variance, xxxx to xxxx. With regard to the speed of heliocentric Mercury, Sedgwick gives the following key words. Fast Mercury: precognitive, discriminating, active, impatient, precognitive, subjective. Slow: patient, deliberate, methodical, passive, attentive. Heliocentric Mercury's average daily motion is 4°06'

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Swift in Motion [DeVore]

Said of a planet whose travel in 24 hours exceeds its mean motion. .

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