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Win*Star 6.0 Professional

Win*Star 6.0 Professional System has all of the features of the Standard and the Extended versions but, in addition, also has complete versions of Matrix Search, Matrix Horizons, and Day Watch.

This system is designed for serious counseling Professional Astrologers—those who will be able to understand and harness the power of astrology available in this complete software system.

Matrix Search - The Time Machine — Full Version
Matrix Search

Full version of Matrix Search "The Time Machine". Some of the features are:

  • Search Interpreter, which provides: 30 Years Saturn Transit Report, Yearly Stations report, Monthly Tra-Prog (Two Chart), Yearly Tra-Prog (Two Chart), Life Scans, Decades - Tra & Prog, . . . and More.
  • Pre-programmed One-Click Select Searches.
  • Ability to add any planet, object, or point in the universe.
  • View your searches as a scan.
  • Sort, sift, and filter your results.
  • One-Click Pre-set sorts include: Time; Planet Pairs; Planets, Time; Aspects; Events; Search Types; Enter, Exact, Leaving; Exact, Enter, Leaving; Planet 1's position; Planet 2's position.
  • One-Click instant views include Lunations, Eclipses, Lunar Phases, Void of Course Moon, Stations, Sign Ingresses, House Ingresses, Equinoxes and Solstices, Synodic Cycles, Aspect, Aspect Combinations, Chart Patterns, Moon Apogees and Perigees, Lunar Days.
  • Outputs in convenient PDF format, easy to save, print, and e-mail.
  • An Edit Aspect Patterns window.

. . . Check the "Matrix Search" page for more info.

Matrix Horizons - AstroMapping — Full Version
Matrix Horizons

Full version of Matrix Horizons, containing many significant features, including:

  • Hi-resolution maps, ideal for quality printing.
  • Extensive reports, including: Planet line interpretations, Relationship, Composite, CycloCartoGraphy, Transits, etc.
  • Additional interpretive text for: Aspects, Midpoints, Parans, Local Space.
  • Built-in Text Editor.
  • Total flexibility in regards to the choice of what to display and how to display it.
  • A mouse click relocates natal wheel, composite, transit, CycloCartoGraphy, or Local Space.
  • Select Local Space.
  • Move around the world.
  • Quickly add or delete cities.
  • City Scoring: this is an innovative and simple way to evaluate any city or cities you select.

. . . Check the "Matrix Horizons" page for more info.

Day Watch - Calendars — Full Version
Day Watch

Full version of Day Watch featuring the ability to::

  • Create personalized calendars based on a specific natal chart.
  • Print a particular month, several months, or an entire year—with or without interpretive text.
  • The auto e-mail feature allows you to send calendars directly from the program to your client.
  • Select Tropical or Sidereal calculations. Choose from 14 house systems.
  • Display transit-to-natal, transit-to-transit, or both.
  • Display traditional holidays, or, define your own holidays.
  • Choose U.S. or International date format.

. . . Check the "Day Watch" page for more info.

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