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Win*Star 6.0 Tutorials

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The overview videos below provide a quick overview of all of the features in the Win*Star 6.0 main program.

Videos 1-4 cover features available to all three levels.

Video 5 covers features only available to Extended and Professional System.

Win*Star 6.0 Overview part 1
This video covers basic program features and tools found on the Classic side.
7:04 minutes
Win*Star 6.0 Overview part 2
This video covers new program abilities and features on the Extended side.
6:28 minutes
Win*Star 6.0 Overview part 3
This video covers the Data views and other astrological data available in Win*Star 6.0.
4:04 minutes
Win*Star 6.0 Overview part 4
This Video covers features available in the drop-down menus and external applications.
7:40 minutes
Win*Star 6.0 Overview part 5
This video covers features only available to Win*Star 6.0 Extended and Professional System packages.
11:55 minutes
How to enter a new chart 3:15 minutes
How to use the chart slots 9:01 minutes
Top 12 chart wheels window 2:58 minutes
How to use the date change box 5:10 minutes
Local Space and AstroClock advanced features 4:25 minutes
How to create an ephemeris (Time Tables) 7:39 minutes
How to create a Graphic Ephemeris 4:25 minutes
Win*Star – Options I 9:01 minutes
How to create your own aspect sets – Options II 5:11 minutes
Data Tab     (silent video) 1:01 minutes
How to change Default Place     (silent video) 0:40 minutes
How to Select Chart Wheel Style     (silent video) 2:32 minutes
How to Create Solar Return: Classic, and Extended View     (silent video) 2:34 minutes


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