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Parallel [Munkasey M.]

Aspects formed in declination, within the generally accepted orb of one degree, by two bodies at the same declination values. See also: "Contra-Parallel".

See also: ♦ Aspect ♦ Contra-Parallel ♦ Contra-Antiscion
Parallel [DeVore]

The same nature as a conjunction. Since it is usually coincident with a conjunction it serves to give it an added accent. This accent is helpful if it involves other aspects from favorable planets. The effect of a parallel is generally considered to be of longer duration than that of a conjunction.

v. Aspect. (Zodiac Aspects, Mundane Aspects)

See also: ♦ Aspect ♦ Contra-Parallel ♦ Contra-Antiscion
Parallel Aspect [Astro*Index]

Formed when two bodies have the same declination, within an orb of 1°. Some astrological authors consider its effect to be similar to that of a conjunction, only milder. Sometimes disregards the sign of the declination (i.e. whether north or south)

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Parallel of Inclination [Astro*Index]

Small circles on the Celestial Sphere parallel to the Celestial Equator. All points on a Parallel of Declination have the same Declination.

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