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Blue*Star Personal $199.95
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Add-Ons for Blue*Star

Blue*Star already includes sixteen of the most popular reports, including the bestsellers Astro*Talk and TimeLine.
With the professional version of Blue*Star, you can save, print, and email these reports, as well as add more interpretative reports to your collection.

And now, to further meet your needs, you can also add, in both versions of Blue*Star, additional charts, tables, and other specialty Quick*Studie modules.

Note: You have to own Blue*Star Professional to install the Interpretation modules.

Learn More > Quick*Studies
Blue*Star Quick*Studie Modules
Quick*Studies modules available:

NEW - Daily Guides Included
Time*Scans $49.95
Astrological Events $49.95
Life Events $49.95
Synastry $49.95
Greetings $49.95
Quick Answers $49.95

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Learn More > Professional Interpretations
Blue*Star Interpretations Modules
Interpretations available:

Local Space $99.95
Togetherness $99.95
Time Together Free with Togetherness
The Birthday Report $99.95
The Jupiter Report $99.95

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Quick*Studies Interpretations – Pro version only
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