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Blue*Star Tutorials

The overview videos below provide a quick overview of all of the features in the Blue*Star Personal & Professional.
Video 1 cover the diferences between the two versions.

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Blue*Star Overview part 1.                 3:27 minutes
The diferences between Blue*Star Personal and Blue*Star Professional.
Blue*Star Overview part 2.                 9:40 minutes
This video covers basic program features and tools.
Blue*Star Overview part 3.                 4:31 minutes
This video covers how to enter a new chart.

About Blue*Star by Michael Erlewine
A short introduction to Blue*Star.     5:19 minutes
Calculation Features in Blue*Star     6:56 minutes
Astrology Readings in Blue*Star     6:56 minutes
Blue*Star Home Calculation Features Interpretation Features Add-Ons System Requirements Tutorials
More Tutorials:

Win*Star 6.0