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Millennium Prophecies Date Published: by Tadd Mann
Bio: Tadd Mann

A. T. Mann was born in New York in 1943, and graduated from Cornell University in New York with an architecture degree in 1966. He worked as an architectural designer in New York City and Rome before becoming an astrologer in 1972 after a journey the East. He lived in London, England for eighteen years and presently lives in Idaho.

His books include - The Round Art: The Astrology of Time and Space, Life Time Astrology, The Divine Plot: Astrology and Reincarnation, Astrology and the Art of Healing, The Mandala Astrological Tarot, The Future of Astrology, Millennium Prophecies, Sacred Architecture, Sacred Sexuality (with Jane Lyle) and The Elements of Reincarnation.


(Excerpts from Millennium Prophecies, © A T Mann 1992, Element Books.)


Recent world events have verified many prophecies made about the last years of the twentieth century by Biblical prophets, Nostradamus, 'The Tibetan' as channeled by Alice Bailey, the American psychic Edgar Cayce, astrologers and others. There is a remarkable agreement among these prophets from earlier times and philosophies about the present time and it is valuable to compare their prophecies. It is intriguing to see what they said about these years, especially about of the former USSR and the present Commonwealth of Independent States. They are in agreement that Russia will be a center of the New World age.

What is Prophecy?

Prediction is a process by which the patterns of past events are projected into the future. For example, astrologers assume that if a previous major conjunction coincided with a critical event, it can safely be assumed that a future re-enactment of the conjunction will bring a similar event, modified by changes in other planets, etc.

In distinction to this, Prophecy means 'to speak by divine inspiration' and is a gift from God or the gods. It is a transmission from the intelligence of the universe that involves tapping into the unconscious mind, usually involuntarily. Prophecy happens spontaneously, and prophets are often unaware of the implications of their transmission. Not only this, but many prophets resist being a channel for information they do not understand. Prophecies are like dreams in that they are often difficult to understand immediately, or to order in time.

While we of the modern age tend to discredit prophecy, it is worthwhile realizing that most major world religions have been built upon prophetic foundations. Buddha's enlightenment, the reception of the Ten Commandments by Moses, the announcement of the coming of the Savior to the Hebrew prophets, St John's Book of Revelations, Mohammed's conversation with the Archangel Gabriel and many others. Similarly, many of the great discoveries of science and philosophy were the result, not of trial and error, and testing hypotheses, but revelation, such as the revelations beheld by Descartes, Newton, Gauss, the chemist Kekulé and Einstein on the tram.

The Russian Prophecies of Nostradamus

Nostradamus was born Michel de Nostredame in 1503 in Provence, and is the most popular, famous and enigmatic prophet in recent history. Hundreds of books have been written about his 'Centuries,' a series of 942 enigmatic predictive quatrains, first published in 1555. In order to avoid persecution, Nostradamus consciously jumbled the sequence and obscured the clarity of his received images. He used a strange combination of ancient and modern languages, astrological and alchemical symbolism, and abstruse allusions in the quatrains.

His Russian prophecies are those which refer to the 'Reds', the 'sickle', the 'Emperor of the North' or the 'Russian antipope'. Century IV, 32 describes 'things held in common', a reference to Communism. The quatrain says that meat will give way to fish, implying a lowering of the standards of living, and that the old order (the Communist Party) will at first put up strong resistance, but once put down will very quickly disappear and lose influence. This has indeed happened in an astonishingly short time period.

In his Epistle to his son, which began the Centuries, Nostradamus described a worldwide famine and natural catastrophes related to climatic changes not unlike those projected as a result of the greenhouse effect and the dissolution of the ozone layer. Upon receiving complaints from the people, the King will pass limits set by his forebears and will replace almost everything in its old condition. The phrase 'Third King of the North' is intriguing because it could be inferred that the Czars were the first kings, the leaders of Communist regime from Lenin and Stalin to the dissolution of the USSR in 1991 the second kings, and the third king could signify the man (or men) to arise following the dissolution of the USSR.

In Century III,95 Islamic law fails, but is followed by another less pleasing form of law. It also mentions the Dnieper River and having to 'give way through tongues' - this may be a breakdown of peaceful efforts to resolve Russian problems and the possibility of battles among ethnic minorities speaking different languages fighting for control or problems with nuclear reactors in the former USSR. The Islamic republics along the southern boundary of the former USSR are bickering and could form alliances with fundamentalist Islamic states to the south which are antagonistic to the West and to Russia.

Nostradamus suggested that armed forces arising from Armenia would come towards Europe. This prophecy echoes the liberation movements in the southern Russian republics of Armenia and Azerbaijan, which gained impetus in 1991 and which were given the opportunity to choose independence after the collapse of the USSR. Furthermore, additional territorial disputes such as those in Nagorno-Karabakh, Azerbaijan and Moldavia have been activated by former injustices. There is an ever-present danger from the nuclear weapons, formerly under the control of the USSR military, claimed by newly-independent Soviet republics such as Azerbaijan, the Ukraine and other republics.

In Century VI,21, there is an alliance between the USSR and the US in the early 1990s, when the "new man elected," Yeltsin, is supported by the Great One, either Gorbachev or the American President Bush.

According to Century V,78, the US-USSR alliance will survive for no longer than thirteen years, when it will be forced apart by superior barbarian powers. There is a reference to a barque or ship, which could refer to the Papacy, but which could also mean the renamed St Petersburg, St Peter being the ship of the Church. Many of the Russian quatrains and others mention fallen leaders, which would apply to the large scale rejection of Lenin and other leading Communists after the collapse of the USSR in 1991.

Nostradamus notes that this period will usher in a return to power of the Church, a theme that we will see Edgar Cayce echoes: "The great Vicar shall be put back to his pristine state, but that desolated and abandoned by all, will return to the sanctuary destroyed by Paganism." As the Communists forcibly suppressed Christianity during their seventy-four-year reign, this prophecy could be very appropriate as the northern republics are now returning to their strong Christian beliefs as they become independent.

The Three and the Commonwealth of Independent States

A key phrase that appears in a series of quatrains is the reference to the three brothers or 'the three'. This has often been correlated with the Kennedy brothers, but there is a possible alternative translation. The three could refer to the three former republics of Russia, the Ukraine and Byelorussia, which formed the nucleus of the Commonwealth of Independent States in 1991. The prophecies then fit extremely well.

Century IX,36 shows the older king (Gorbachev) captured by the younger man (Yeltsin, by a few months), leading to a state of confusion. After being captives for a long time, the three (republics) will subsequently be wounded and murdered. This could indicate political and military pressure exerted after the ascendancy of the core Commonwealth of Independent States by the other smaller republics.

Century IV,95 mentions a period of three years and seven months passing before a war occurs. This may be a war after an alliance between America and Russia. The phrase 'two vestals' could be a corruption of 'vassals', or smaller countries. This could refer to the events that followed the collapse of the USSR, and the smaller republics that retain nuclear missiles and are not included in the US-USSR alliance. As this friendly relationship began in 1990, it could presage a war in late 1993.

In Century IV,50, Libra will be seen to reign in the West and no one will notice the strength of Asia destroyed until Seven holds the hierarchy in succession. While the Seven could be the group of seven most powerful nations that determine worldwide financial values, it is more likely to refer to the situation following the events of 1991 and the breakdown of the USSR. The individual republics declared independence and began negotiating with each other whilst vying for importance within the resultant Commonwealth of Independent States, consisting of the most powerful republics. The fear this has aroused within the European Community, the US and abroad, and the tension between the republics is due to disputes over army personnel and, in particular, the disposal of the arsenal of nuclear weapons.

Century V,2 describes seven conspirators at a banquet rebelling and flashing their weapons 'against the three'. The quatrain also describes a leader being shot in the forehead through his armor. This could be a dangerous prediction of the less stable former USSR republics rebelling against the newly created Commonwealth of Independent States. The leader assassinated could therefore be either Yeltsin, the leader of one of the other republics, or the CIS itself.

The 'two great leaders' of Century II, 89 'will be friends', their power will grow and the new land will be at the height of its powers. However, this allusion to the new alliance between America and Russia signals the emergence of the 'man of blood' and Nostradamus mentions that the alliance will last only three years and seven months. Cheetham thought that this referred to a potential coup in Russia, which did occur in August 1991, but it also seems to apply to the future of the temporary alliance between the individual republics of the former USSR. The old-guard Communist influence within the former USSR retains the threat of a coup d'etat. The man of blood may be a unifying politician who links together the most powerful republics of Russian and the Ukraine, and emerges as a brutal leader, or a spiritual leader who excites and agitates the masses to rebel in the 1990s, similar to the Third Antichrist.

In many of the Centuries Nostradamus refers to the 'Third Antichrist'. Many commentators think that Napoleon and Hitler were the first two Antichrists, and that the reign of the third Antichrist will originate in Russia in the last years of the 1990s. Century V,96 refers either the 'Third Antichrist' or to 'The Three' being killed by the Antichrist, and could therefore be a reference to the three initial republics making a coalition following the breakdown of the USSR in the early 1990s, and being responsible in some way for creating conditions for the arrival of the Antichrist.

In Century V,54 the Antichrist comes from beyond the Black Sea and Grand Tartary, (that is, China), and the bloody rod he carries through southern Russia could be a metaphor for the collapse of and violence between the southern republics of the USSR in the 1990s. Century VI,33 is an anagram or cryptic version of the name of the Antichrist - ALUS is suggested.

Century VI,80 describes an Arabian kingdom stretching out to Europe, resulting in violence and driving the cross out to death. This may mean an explosive Middle Eastern war or the Islamic southern USSR republics revolting and spreading their influence towards Europe. There will certainly be a refugee problem in Europe throughout the 1990s because of the political instabilities in Eastern Europe and Russia.

Century V,62 refers to blood raining down on the rocks. The Sun is in the East and Saturn in the West. This is understood by Leoni to mean the opposition between Christianity and the Antichrist, while others interpret it as an East-West war in the closing years of this century. Century VIII,59 describes how the Eastern powers, twice cast down by the West, will return and win after many battles.

Century X,72 is one of the most famous prophecies because it mentions the year 1999 and seven months as the time when the Great King of Terror will arrive, but Nostradamus also says that a time of peace will follow.

Edgar Cayce and Christian Russia

The modern American clairvoyant Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) was able to enter into a trance state simply by lying down in his office. He was born on a small farm in the American State of Kentucky in 1877 and lived until 1945. While still a child he received the inner call to develop his clairvoyant powers. At seven years old he experienced a blinding light and a message asking what he would most like to do with his life. Shortly afterwards he was requested by the voices to sleep and that they would help him in whatever way they could.

Over many years he became a famous channel of psychic material, mostly in sessions with individuals wishing to discover ways of healing themselves. However, he increasingly received communications about the future of the world. He dictated a wide range of entranced lectures on a variety of subjects, in the belief that he was a channel for information emanating from the group unconscious, or what Jung called the 'collective unconscious'. Cayce's term for this was the 'Akashic Record' or the 'Book of Life.' It is the ." . . record that the individual entity writes upon the skein of Time and Space, through Patience, and opened when self has attuned to the Infinite, and may be read by those attuning to that consciousness."

He detailed the 'sins' of many countries which impeded true planetary equality and enlightenment. The sin of America is not to act according to the principle of 'In God We Trust'. The sin of England is to espouse ideals of being better than other people, rather than growing to that which one deserves. The sin of France is an attachment to gratifying the desires of the body. The sin of Italy is to have abused Christian principles in the days of Rome. The sin of India is to be a cradle of knowledge not applied to the self. The sin of China is to want to be left alone in the world. Cayce prophesied coming events which would teach these countries their lessons.

Cayce predicted a series of cataclysmic events happening over a sixty-year span, leading up to the year 2000, but particularly from 1958 to 1998. In a reading given in 1934 he described many changes.

Cayce predicted that Europe would be changed beyond recognition. Both Polar Regions would erupt and the poles shift position. Upheavals in the Arctic and in the Antarctic will make volcanoes erupt in the torrid areas. Open waters will appear in Greenland. Land would be created off the eastern coast of the US, and cold climates such as northern Europe and England would become tropical. An axis shift and the change of world ages would cause these dire predictions. Frigid or semi-tropical climates would become more tropical. Earthquakes and volcanoes would break up the Earth. The greater portion of Japan must go into the sea. He saw a new cycle beginning at that time, heralded by these geological shifts.

Land will appear off the East Coast of America. The damage prophesied in the United States towards the end of the 1990s included inundation's throughout the Midwestern American states such as Mississippi, Missouri and Louisiana, and the subsequent emptying of the Great Lakes into the Gulf of Mexico. Indeed this prophecy came true in 1994 when there were floods throughout the Mississippi basin leading to the Gulf of Mexico. Many parts of the northeast coast, such as Connecticut and New York will be severely disturbed. New York City itself will disappear, as will parts of South Carolina and Georgia.

One of his most unlikely predictions, which is suddenly beginning to seem possible, is that Russia would be 'born again'. Among his last prophecies in 1945, he saw the end of Communism in the USSR, and saw the hope of the world's religious development subsequently stemming from Russia. He also stated;

"But Freedom, freedom! That each man will live for his fellow man. The principle has been born there. It will take years for it to be crystallized. Yet out of Russia comes again the hope of the world."

What was even more astonishing for the 1930s was that he believed the new Russia would ally itself with and be guided by the United States to achieve this position.

"By what will it [Russia] be guided? By friendship with that nation which hath even placed on its monetary unit 'In God We Trust'."

While whatever religious revival there is in Russia at present is only in its early stages, this could be a powerful and accurate prophecy.

Whilst he saw China as the catalyst to the alliance between the US and Russia, he also saw the dramatic changes which are already evident in China. The Chinese people would increasingly lean toward Christianity and democracy, which would coincide with a consolidation of religious sects. The development would take time, moving like a stream through the land, while the country itself would ask to be left alone. Yet one day China would awake and become a cradle of Christianity as Russia had been.

Cayce continually warned about the Coming of the Lord, and the approach of the day of reckoning, saying that the unfaithful must change or be condemned. He also stated that the 'day of the Lord is near at hand,' which is very like the Biblical prophets in tone, content and context. He saw the coming of the One, and that His Day would come on Earth. Cayce was highly moralistic and fatalistic - he believed that the natural catastrophes towards the end of the 1958-98 period would foreshadow the Second Coming of Christ. "When those that are His have made the way clear for Him. Don't think that there will not be trouble. . ." Following the disruption of the world at the Millennium, the goal of humanity would be to reconstruct the New Jerusalem. Cayce saw this as a powerful symbol of renewal and rebirth.

"[To] those then, that are come into the new life, the new understanding - the new regeneration, there is then the New Jerusalem - not as a place, alone, but as a condition, as an experience of the soul."

Alice Bailey, The Tibetan and The New Age

The modest, retiring and introvert Englishwoman Alice A. Bailey had her first contact with 'The Tibetan', Djwhal Khul, head of a lamasery in Shigatse, Tibet, in November 1919. The telepathic connection that she at first rejected outright became the center of her life until her death in December 1949. In the intervening thirty years she wrote almost ten thousand pages in nineteen books on a range of esoteric subjects such as healing, astrology, psychology and the science of the Seven Rays, all dictated by The Tibetan.

With regard to the prophecies announcing the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, the timing of the transitory phase is not exact. As early as 1931, Djwhal Khul stated that humanity was entering Aquarius, and yet in many prophecies he focuses on the year 1999 as a transitional point between Pisces and Aquarius.

In 1945 The Tibetan gave out The Great Invocation which invoked the powers of light, love and divine purpose irrespective of all religions, and in 1946 Alice Bailey wrote: '. . .the day is dawning when all religions will be regarded as emanating from one great spiritual source.' The differences between the major world religions are minor and their foundations are similar, emerging as they do from the same spiritual source. The precessional sign Aquarius will initiate the most amazing period in history.

Energies emanating from Aquarius will stimulate the astral body of humanity to the new coherency of a brotherhood that will ignore racial and national differences. Once started, this process will unify life into a perfect brotherhood over a period of a thousand years. At present the Aquarian energy is having a negative effect upon the masses while it is positively activating the pioneers of racial equality. The platform, upon which the materialists stand will be shattered and disintegrate, and new abilities and horizons will emerge to lead humanity. The Tibetan stated:

"The remainder of this century . . . must be dedicated to rebuilding the shrine of man's living, to reconstructing the form of humanity's life, to reconstituting the new civilization upon the foundations of the old, recognizing the structure of world thought, world politics, plus the redistribution of the world's resources in conformity to divine purpose."

The focus in the New Age will be on healing, according to the seven statements governing the student's magical statements or techniques.

According to The Tibetan, Russia's center inclines more towards the East than the West, and her role in the world transition is as yet embryonic because her real function lies far ahead. The noisy, cruel child will turn into a controlled humanitarian in adult life, and potent influences in the Russian horoscope apparently indicate this.

Following the death of Alice Bailey, her husband Foster Bailey believed that she was planning her next incarnation in the near future. During the last years of the 1990s, the great Chinese sage Confucius will incarnate to superintend the work, and the primary focus of transcendent activity will be through developments in Russia. The main development of the society will happen through the creation of various seed groups of disciples of the New Age that will externalize the work of the hierarchy.

After the collapse of decadent human institutions in the latter part of the 1990s, the period up to the beginning of the next century will be dedicated to rebuilding the form of the life of humanity, reorganizing thought structures, redistributing resources and reforming political institutions. This will ultimately lead to the creation of a World Federation of Nations in about 2025. Early in the next century an initiate will appear to carry on the teaching of the Hierarchy.

Astrologically, many if not all of these prophecies are justified by the current influence of the Uranus/Neptune conjunction in 1993 and the incoming Grand Cross of the planets in August 1999. As the old order dissolves, so a new spiritual empire gestates, awaiting the opportunity to rebuild humanity after the millennium year 2000 AD.

Like the utterances of the priestesses of the Delphic Oracle in ancient Greece, prophecies can be interpreted in a number of ways that are frequently contradictory. Deciphering prophecies is like interpreting dreams. The time sense is often confused, the imagery may be personal to the dreamer (or prophet), and the true meaning can be as unknown as the source of the transmission. Do they come from God or from the unconscious of the prophet? It is often difficult, if not impossible, to tell. It is the legacy of our common past, stored within us, awaiting discovery. Under the veneer of civilization lies a potent world of images of gods, goddesses, angels and demons. If we resist expressing this world within us, it breaks through into consciousness when we least expect it. Exposure to prophecy has had a magical and evocative effect on our awareness for thousands of years, probably because of this link with the unconscious. The power of prophecy is great because it taps into the collective unconscious, and resonates with us, all of us. Prophets speak for us because they receive information from the collective unconscious and uniquely are able to describe or express such wonders to those who cannot or do not wish to receive it.

A. T. Mann
Sandpoint, ID

(Millennium Prophecies contains much more material including sections on Biblical prophecies, the prophecies of the Great Pyramid, much more about Nostradamus, sections on Jung's Seven Sermons to the Dead, on the astrology of the Uranus/Neptune conjunction and the Grand Cross of 1999.)


© Copyright: Tadd Mann





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