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Hidden Agenda by Skye Alexander Date Published: 1997 review by K.D. Spitzer
Bio: Skye Alexander

K.D. Spitzer is a professional astrologer, writer, and teacher. She is a contributing writer for Llewellyn's Moon Signs almanacs, has written for Dell Horoscope magazine, The Mountain Astrologer, and other metaphysical publications. She also is on the board of New Hampshire's Seacoast Astrological Association and writes a monthly column called Moonshine for their newsletter.



Hidden Agenda by Skye Alexander

Grisly murder has come to Clearwater, North Carolina, and in the form of ritualistic mutilations. The two owners of an occult bookstore have been discovered strangled with their pinky fingers cut off and strange markings on their foreheads and chests. It takes a little leg work for Police Detective Joe Bob Blankenship to discover the glyph on their foreheads is a symbol for the astrological sign Pisces and the star carved into their chests is really a pentagram.

Charlotte McCrae, a professional astrologer, is down from Boston for her brother's wedding. Like everyone else in town she is intrigued and a tiny bit titillated by the murders. Evidence points to several special interest groups and of course, everyone in town has a theory about what happened.

Charlotte is consulted by Taylor Honeycutt, owner of the GM dealership, friend of Joe Bob, pillar of the community, and local heartthrob. She is attracted to Taylor just enough to offer to do a horary chart to help solve the murders. Horary is what it is, however, and Charlotte knows that already too many people have asked the question of whodunnit. So while she waits for that special "horary moment" and the right question to ask, Charlotte and Taylor begin a tentative investigation of the crime and each other.

Hidden Agenda is a mystery of astrology, magic, intrigue, and dark secrets. It is peopled with richly drawn and unforgettable characters to laugh with, despise, fear, sneer at, or respect. One or two of them, especially Charlotte's sister Aggie, make poignant and often funny observations about life and the frailty of the human condition that you will remember long after the book is finished. It's even possible that it may educate some that Satan is a Christian symbol who has no place in witchcraft.

Well-plotted, Hidden Agenda will keep you guessing right to the end. Things are wrapped up neatly, but as in life, not always as one might wish. I should mention that as a northerner I had a little bit of difficulty with the southern dialect, or maybe it's just my Venus in Libra... I didn't want Charlotte's love interest to have his drawl written.

Hidden Agenda will satisfy astrologers and witches looking for an exciting novel that depicts their work responsibly and as a natural part of living. It's wonderful to read a book that includes astrology that isn't patronizing, pontificating, or irritating. Mystery buffs will be delighted to find a new heroine to follow in subsequent adventures. As for my fellow "Neptunians," they won't want to leave Charlotte's world at the end of the book. But cheer up, our heroine will be back in New England for a sequel.

This one is a keeper. Its author, Skye Alexander, writes with authenticity as she is a professional astrologer (and NCGR member) who has used her craft to help police in seven states solve murders and other crimes. She is also the author of "Planets in Signs." Ask your local bookstore to order Hidden Agenda for you or order it directly from Mojo Publishing at PO Box 7121, Gloucester, MA 01930; tel: (978) 281-5126, fax: (978) 282-5441, email: