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Astrological Research Methods, Vol 1, ISAR Anthology by Mark Pottenger Date Published: 1995  



Astrological Research Methods Volume 1 by Mark Pottenger

This unique book speaks volumes for the importance of non-profit organizations. Editor Mark Pottenger has brought together 56 articles from leading astrological researchers. I doubt that this valuable information would have ever been printed by a profit-oriented publisher. This is not a put down of for-profit publishers, they're the backbone of the astrology book business. But, a rare non-commercial work like this one needs the backing of an organization like ISAR. Over 400 pages are divided into three broad areas: The Nature of Research, Research Design, Data Collection and Analysis and Special Topics and future studies. Contributors include Francoise Gauquelin, T. Patrick Davis, Theodor Landscheit, Nicholas Kollerstrom, Mark Urban-Lurain and other experts.

This book gives you a great deal to chew on, from philosophical, ethical and statistical perspectives. But, you don't have to swallow it all in one bite, as its format makes it very easy to read a single article at a time.

This book is not for beginners or those only superficially interested in astrological research. It does not, either, resolve the ongoing controversy regarding Michel Gauquelin's vital work on the Mars effect. (Two new books, one pro and one con, have recently been published on this subject.) But, it is a comprehensive overview of most of the issues facing astrology researchers today. ISAR and Mark Pottenger are to be congratulated for this major contribution.

Astrological Research Methods costs $29.95 $15.00 plus shipping. Contact ISAR at ISAR web site.