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Optimum Child by Gloria Star Date Published: 1987 review by the NCGR Journal



Optimum Child by Gloria Star

Here is a book written for parents of children who want to consider whether or not astrology can help them to understand the potential that their children have, and why their own children may be different from themselves. What an odd concept for many parent to consider! Could it be that our children can actually have different ways of thinking from ourselves? Listen to what the astrology might say.

The book is a straightforward and clear presentation, easy to read and well written, of basic astrology; but written for the parent who wants his child to develop because it is its own person. There is not a lot of spiritual explanation to the astrological text and procedures, for at this stage it need not be there. The book presents in a very clear and informative way the ideas a parent need to know about astrology for their children’s sake, and at the same help the parents understand how to apply basic principles of astrology to understand their children’s different perspective.

I see a great need for a book like this. The explanations of basic astrology are clear and concise. My primary fault with them is that they explain astrology from strictly a Northern Hemisphere point of view, which may leave some of our South American and Australian parents a bit perturbed. the author states in the beginning that you need not know anything about astrology to use this book and the explanations about what astrology is how it works and how you can use it to help your child, keep this promise. This is an excellent introductory book on astrology geared toward the new and not so new parent. Chapters on such topics such as the signs, the planets, the houses, the emotional intellectual, and spiritual needs provide a well rounded overview.