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Scan Filter Scan Filter

Once you have completed your search, you can filter out any element of your scan, viewing only those you want. Turn them off, turn them on with a click of a mouse.

List Filter List Filter

Once you have completed your search, you can filter out any element of your list, leaving only those you want to view. Turn them off, turn them on with a click of a mouse. No need to run a new search.

Main Search Setup Main Search Setup

One simple screen makes is easy to configure your search criteria, no matter how involved or how complex it may be. Name and save your customer searches for easy recall.

Search Type Search Type

Quickly set the type of search you want to do – transit to transit, transit to natal, progressed to natal, transit to progressed, progressed to progressed, arc to natal.

Aspect Sets Aspect Sets

With one click you can choose your aspect set. Choose from pre-programmed sets, or create and save your own.

Events Events

This lets you select the events you want to include and view in your search: sign ingress, house ingress, stations, void of course, enter/leave.

Advanced Options Advanced Options

Lets you select true node, converse, parallels of latitude, and you can even set your own user arc, and user progressions.

User Points User Points

The program lets you add your own significant points to your searches. In this window, two have been turned on for the current search (marked with an X).

Synodic & Heliocentric Cycles Synodic & Heliocentric Cycles

A Synodic Cycle is the time period between the first and subsequent occurrence of the conjunction of two planets. This can occur either from the viewpoint of the Sun (heliocentric) or the Earth (geocentric).

You can choose the type of cycle:

  • Conjunctions: Transit to Transit
  • Return to Natal Phase Angle
  • Aspects: Transit to Transit
  • Aspects: Transit to Natal
  • You can choose the two cycle planets. You can also select which types of aspects you wish to see. Under Aspects (Tra to Tra) or Aspects (Tra to Nat) options.
    You can also click on Heliocentric or Geocentric to see a chart wheel of the event.

    Edit Patterns Edit Patterns

    The patterns selected on the Edit Aspect Patterns window, will be used for the Search for Aspect Patterns.
    Under the Events menu.

  • Toggle the checkmark off if you do not wish to search for this pattern.
  • Click the Edit button to modify the selected pattern.
  • Click the Add button to create a new pattern.
  • Click the Delete button to remove a pattern from this list.
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