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The Next Century, Shown By Its Birth Moment Date Published: by Anita Sands
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December 31st, 1999**Midnight***January 1st/2000


The idea came to me when I stared down at that 98 on my watch and realized that there were only two years to the millenium! The idea startled me. The dawn of a New Thousand years, the THIRD MILLENIUM. Suddenly, I had an itch to see what the New millenium's horoscope would look like. I wondered if an astrologer could get a snapshot of the entire thousand years to come from its birth moment! It was a novel idea, but why not?

I puzzled how I'd approach this horoscope. Perhaps the way I approach any natal chart. I'd just pretend it was a newborn baby. I scrambled for pens and cast the horoscope, seeing instantly that this newborn child had Libra rising. So the new millennium will be loving and kind. The ruler of the hour, or of the chart is VENUS — planet of love, art, pleasure. I began to fill in the planets on this 'birth analysis'.

My astrologer mother walked by the table where I worked. "The new century will have Libra rising," I said proudly. "So everyone on earth will be at a New Year's Eve party, socializing."

"Of course, they will," she laughed. "Every New Year, Libra rises at midnight — that is no big deal. And every year everybody parties."

"You have a point," I frowned, but maybe there's some meaning to it. Venus the Millenium ruler will be in Sagittarius, so in a way this is a SAGITTARIAN baby, one that loves knowledge, studies, increased literacy.

As I recall 96/97, Venus was also in Sagittarius at midnight, was l997 a year of wisdom? "I wrote a lot of magazine stories that year," I said. "Sagittarius rules writing articles."

"Well if you react to New Year's that much, watch out because 97/98 New Year, Venus will be in Aquarius, stationery, conjunct Mars and opposite Uranus, a really volatile romantic placement."

"People will fall in love with new partners at that New Year's Eve party and leave whomever they're with."

"That'll make you happy," My mother smiled. "Maybe you'll get your old boyfriend back.

"Well, I said snappily, "I know how you feel about Venus, Uranus and Mars in aspect–romantic stews and trouble but the millenium night itself is quite tame. Venus is in SAGITTARIUS, very ethical, right smack on the third cusp of nearby travel and sextile Neptune in Aquarius so this Millenium, people will love to read and maybe astral travel. Neptune is mystical. I think this is a sure sign that people studying metaphysics are going to be very happy. NEPTUNE rules the 6th house where PISCES is. They'll all be healing everybody. Holistic healers will be very big. Other Third house things. All kinds of Travel." I pondered that Pluto in the third house. This new millenium will travel like crazy. By air or water?"

"Neither! My mother responded. "Don't you see? She will travel BY FIRE, as Venus is in a fire sign. And the third cusp rules travel to nearby places. By rocket, to Paris to Moscow, to nearby planets, even. " She sauntered into the kitchen, to refill my teacup.


My mother's way of casting horoscopes always amuses me. She reaches for anything and uses it as a symbol.


"OK, travel and high brow Sagittarian books and laws and publishing and holistic healing. Deepak Chopra will be very happy to hear it. The New Millenium will be very high brow and fun.

"Except there's a major T-square –the most troublesome and volatile of all the aspects. And it involves the MOON which in any chart is co-ruler of every cusp. And this Moon is opposite Saturn, and square Uranus. And look, Moon rules the tenth house of people in POWER. Where is the Moon? In SCORPIO of other people's money, Scorpio of the oligarchy, what do they call them? The plutocracy." (Odd that Scorpio and Pluto all go together in mythology, astrology and in symbol and wordroots, too.)

I studied the chart seeing that SCORPIO was in the money house, the 2nd and held what then became a 'financial opposition.'

"Only it's a T-square alright, with two malefics. OK, I guess I see money problems, crushing debt. Financial problems given by Moon opposite SATURN, planet of lack."

"DEPRESSION is the word one uses with Moon/Saturn linked. And a lasting one as they progress at the same rate, meaning the Progressed moon will be chased by Saturn transiting in the skies. You'd have to get an emphemeris for the next century to see how long Saturn chases the progressed moon of this chart.

"Saturn rules the 4th house. The traditional plodding home government. They're not quick enough. ey're too greedy or something."

"That's right. Every government, sucking the taxes out of us to pay its national debt."

Who, ours or Englands? Look, I did both charts. London and Washington."

"Everybody's. What country isn't in hock to the world banks for its money supply! The world banks are squeezing us all. All charts on the planet are almost identical, so it's everybody's home government taxing them. Don't you know that a New Year's chart is almost identical at midnight in every country. In England, Moon will be a degree behind, or 8 Scorpio, In Los Angeles, a degree ahead, l0 or ll Scorpio, but very similar degrees of Libra 7 or 8, will rise in every city in the world at midnight.

"So in every place of the world, Saturn rules the 4th, the home, the roots, the foundation. Taxes are higher. Something's wrong at home. And on a microcosm level, home security not there, fear of losing the home? Saturn of 'not enough' and Taurus of MONEY. Moon is in a crisis degree. 9 fixed. (That old system of counting every 13 degrees as a crisis, 13 and 26 cardinals, 9 and 22 fixed and so on...)

"Taxes are a big issue all the time but I do see some kind of additional financial cataclysm. That's a serious T-square, involving a luminary, the Moon, and Uranus and Saturn. Ur/Sat principle is TENSION. In fixed signs, chronic tension. This isn't something new. It is chronic and lasting. The central part of the opposition is in money signs Taurus and Scorpio and also in money houses! The 2nd and 8th. But URANUS in Aquarius brings sudden eruptions of unexpected conditions that aggravate the fixed opposition. Aquarius ruling electronic inventions." My mother poured two fresh teacups, sat down and pointed to the 5th house Uranus, the focal point of the nasty T-square under discussion. "Aquarius is the sign of computers –maybe a financial problem caused by some kind of technical thing, maybe a power outage or a massive computer crash."

"You know, I've actually heard there's some danger of government and all the world banks having outdated computer mainframes fail...something related to their not functioning because they were all programmed for only two digits to depict years –instead of four. Mistake of the programmers in the fifties, trying to save space, not realizing that once all our IRS or SSA data had been entered that way, multiplied by fifty years, there was no calling it back or revising or retyping it.

"If they didn't want computers to turn over to a double zero, and go back to 1900, and write over their own tracks, they'd have to replace every line of data in every file written in every bank and government computer for the last fifty years. If every person on earth typed all day and night for the next two years, it couldn't be done."

"Right. Social Security, IRS, Banks, stock market. All of their files worthless on the stroke of midnight? Forty percent of the poplace dependent on government for their pay check?

"There's a word for it, Mom. The hackers call it Year Two K or something. I ran to my trusty computer, leapt onto the INTERNET and quickly did a search on y2k. The symbol the tekkies use. The search engine quickly found fifteen thousand entries, articles, papers, books. Y2k was mentioned everywhere, computer magazines mostly, Newsweek, too.

My mother politely pretended to read the monitor. She's allergic to technology, having no Aquarius planets, and loves books, being a triple Sag, while my ruler sun is in Aquarius and I prefer reading it on a monitor. As she scanned y2k articles, she admitted, "So OK, I'd expect a market crash from a computer crash. It could happen."

"O.K. What else?" I defer to my mother in the stargazing department. She has been doing charts for 56 years.

Well, from what I see, rocket manufacturers, computer programmers, pilots and astronauts are going to do very well in the coming age."

"What else? What do I do next, Mom. Pretend it's a baby's Horoscope."

It's Venus conjunct Pluto in Sagittarius, sextile Neptune in Aquarius, money will be spent on cars and computers, metaphysical training courses, learning, university educations."

Next, Mars rules the significant other, and it's conjunct fixed star Regalus, the star of Kings, opposite Bacchus. Bacchus rules very big money, tycoons, Bill Gates types. Bacchus is in LEO of Show biz. So Bill Gates types will get into show biz. Actually, Gates has a planet in 27 Leo, as I recall, so he actually appears in the Horoscope of the Millenium, as a King. Then we have Mars of partners semisquare Sun. Anytime you have SUN aspecting another planet, the planet gets huge power. So the Mars becomes powerful and famous and in Aquarius in the 5th house, very creative and political. Gates will run for president."

What else? Well, our partners will appear to have more wealth and power than we do, make us nervous.

"I wonder. Can one read this event as a human being?"

"We could think of it as an event. Try my old Ivy Jacobson horary rules on it" I laughed. My mother has a tendency to do all horoscopes the way her teacher taught her back in the 40's. The rules were easy. What house is ruled by a malefic? What does each of the malefics rule and what does it afflict?

Well, Saturn is a malefic, it rules the fourth house of home and foundations. Saturn is a troubling planet because its nature is to control unduly. It is in TAURUS sign of money. Governments fear financial insufficiency and quincunx PLUTO, want our money but have a hard time getting it. Popular tax groups start.

Uranus rules the fifth house of speculation, stock market and it squares all the planets. It endangers Saturn. Markets endanger governments.

Mars rules the 7th house of the open enemy. In Aquarius, that would be an Aquarian country, Russia. We would see tycoons rising as kings. Bacchus conjunct fixed star Regalus (Kings) opposite Mars, their tycoons would be Moscow Mafia —Gangsters, according to the rules of Reinhold Ebertin that Mars/Bacchus portrays gangsters. So in many countries, the gangster element rules.

I shivered, getting the eerie feeling that this was how Nostradamus was able to predict events thousands of years ahead.

"The house of MONEY is ruled by PLUTO which is in SAGITTARIUS, so you'd expect well intended financial reform legislation. Emphasis on LAW, legislation or international treaties that would bring resolution, coming when Venus progressed to conjunct that Pluto. Nine years into the millenium.

You'd expect treaties with foreign lands, for international trade, new laws, all the things of Sagittarius. Foreign people. Who? Aliens? Maybe foreigners from another galaxy? Maybe star trade and travel?

Or astral travel," my mother said. "Pluto and Uranus in a sextile rules transformational, supernatural and mystical things. VEnus in Sag sextile Neptune in Aquarius is the same. We may all learn to travel in our astral.

Don't count on it Mom. Look, the chart's money ruler is PLUTO and it's ll Sag, an area ruling travel. (According to Weymss Degrees of the Zodiac Analyzed, an old textbook we use in my family 12 Sag/Gem rules vehicles & travel.) The hopeful part is that PLUTO makes two good aspects. First, sextile URANUS in Aquarius of electronic inventions...Maybe the colonization of space. Travel stocks will be a good source of revenue for another thousand years especially those related to space travel. Second, sesquiquad Jupiter in ARIES, for manufacturing companies involved in rockets or space travel vehicles. I should make a notation to call my stock broker after the financial crash, and look for rocket airlines offering frequent flyer miles to Mars."

"But not right away because the money ruler Pluto is quincunx Saturn, a definite insufficiency planet. Mars is progressing into it for the first twenty years of the Millenium. I erased my note.

This chart is like a zebra. A happy Venus, spiritually bolstered while the realities press in. Saturn afflicts three planets in this chart, Moon, Uranus and Pluto. Saturn is favorable only to the SUN in CAPRICORN, in the fourth house of the home government. So the home government gets its tax ingresses from the people but the ruler of the 4th house –the home governmen—aggravates a lot of other conditions, as it hits three other planets, Uranus, Pluto, Moon in an adverse way. Maybe they'll take away more entitlements from the people."

"Don't worry Mom, if your social security check doesn't come, I'll let you live with me. You can work for your keep—doing my MATH. (An allusion to the fact that I can't do a logarithim worth a darn.)

Thank you. But if you take Venus to rule me, and Pluto my money and pluto is sesquiquad Jupiter, I may just find some new business. Aries in the 7th in Aries is energetic.

Many people don't use sesquiquads but I find they work just like squares or trines. Pluto linked with JUPITER is doing both of them a favor. Sesquiquads are hard for the untrained eye to see, but soon it becomes easy when you realize that if you add l5 degrees to any planet and jump a sign you'll see the 45 degree angle quick enough. Jupiter Pluto linked gives the good side of Pluto, a powerful new financial rebirth–which is always a Pluto keyword. And these two progress at the same speed for decades after. My finger traced through January 2000 into February.

"Well a rebirth will certainly be required if all the computers crash from being misprogrammed."

As I looked at the birth chart of the third millennium, I could I get a feel of what was coming this way. There were challenges but we were up to it and there were new avenues and opportunities coming if people on the planet earth get pressed by any millenium sized problems. Of that I felt certain.



© Copyright: Anita Sands





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