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Uranus Romances: Fire Too Hot to Cool Down Date Published: by Anita Sands
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The tragic death of Princess Diana, the most famous, admired, beloved and easily identified woman in the entire world came, ironically, at the moment when her personal happiness seemed most secured.

She was about to spend her last night in Paris with the charming, wealthy Egyptian film producer who had won her heart. The next day she would return to her son who would be the future King of England. For one night, she had it all.

That Paris in summer was utterly romantic, cannot be denied. They had dined at the Ritz Hotel, which his father owned, then exited the back door to escape 30 paparazzi parked outside, and were making their getaway, giddy from wine, laughing, kissing and holding hands.

All this is seen from Venus, Jupiter and the Moon linked that night, all in good aspect. which always means the heights of young love.

And then out of nowhere, a last minute mystery substitution of a chauffeur, a mysterious explosion, the gas pedal floored like something from the movie SPEED, a speedometer frozen at 160 miles an hour, yet the six second sound of screeching brakes as if someone were trying to stop an out of control car (a blown tire?) that couldn't be stopped. Who? The chauffeur had a blood level that wouldn't allow him to walk a straight line to get into the car. 7 paparazzi on bikes snapped photos, two fled with film cans, five were arrested at the scene. The confiscated film disappears from sight and the lives of a fairytale couple end in a snarl of steel from which it took emergency crew an hour to extricate the fatally injured Princess. It wasn't just a bloody accident, it was a big questionmark, a mystery one searches for clues as one pores over the chart of the accident.

The New York Times reports that the crash occurred at 12:35 a.m. Central European Daylight Savings time. Now, take note, fellow astrologers. All of western Europe uses the 15 East time meridian in order to have a common time but FEW of them LIVE on that meridian. This means that all horoscopes in EUROPE have to be done the old fashioned way, real math subtractions to the time, equated with the DEGREES east or west of the TIME MERIDIAN. Paris needs a subtraction of 52 minutes made to the hour, as well as the customary hour subtracted for Summer daylight savings time. So it wasn't 12.35a.m., it was 10:44 p.m. true time.

Princess Diana Crash Chart

The chart for that moment (as shown by clock time) has late Gemini rising so that MERCURY rules the hour. So first, we look at this MERCURY. It is in the target path of an eclipse which happened a day later. Eclipses mean ominous and planet shaking changes occur because of this event. What kind of events? Well, VIRGO CHANGES. JOB RELATED. Whose job? Perhaps a King who can now remarry and HAVE a job. He can ascend the throne no longer hindered by a woman who had become a bother to the monarchy, called a 'loose cannon' by an MP --a woman who had shown her 'relatives' up with kindness and warmth they didn't have. She would be out of the picture. A woman who had taken thousand dollar landmines away from the munitions makers, who were selling them like hotcakes.

This angel Diana, in her oligarch-confronting Aquarian leftist-peacenik way, had come up against armsdealers and had led the battle in securing a total ban for a weapon that was lucrative for these men who were so close to government, intelligence services and cov op death squads.

Diana's publicity campaign had worked and no doubt a ban on mines will be called for by the Norwegian conference given the same weekend as her death (where they gave Di a minute of silent tribute.)

The first thing that you do when you have an event chart is see what the day's planets do to the person. One searches for planets on Aug 31st that touch the Princess' natal chart and quickly sees the eclipse two degrees off her natal Pluto which at birth was quincunx (trouble) her ruler Jupiter. Sun and Mercury sit on her natal Pluto, the ruler of part of Diana's natal l0th house (powerful people over one's head) and the llth house, one's friends). Pluto, the dark star in her life, in VIRGO in the 8th house of death, conjunct Mars. Mars natally rules Diana's family, her brother and mother, as it is part 3rd house ruler, and ruler of her fourth house of mother, and unconscious. Pluto so close to mars struck her mother. Her mother was banished, as Pluto banishes or kidnaps. As Persephone was kidnapped by the demi-God Pluto, Di's mother disappeared from a 7 year old's life as if swallowed by the underworld. Pluto, representing hidden forces that can swallow one up. Her Pluto in VIRGO of servants, bureaucrats. In the house of death. SUN and MERCURY were running over her PLUTO that week.

The next planet in the DEATH chart that is also ON HER NATAL chart, hence a force in this event, is Uranus the ruler of governments, clubs, groups. Uranus is CONJUNCT HER RULER, JUPITER. Turn to the event chart to see what Uranus was doing. It was sesquiquad ( a strong aspect, that's why I use them and semisquares religiously) and sesquiquad the RISING POINT of the death chart. This planet slams, this aspect whammies into the ascending degree, from 5 fixed to 20 mutables (always skip 15 degrees then jump a sign) showing sudden, hovering forces at the moment of the crash. Then one asks, "Chart, show me WHO were the hovering forces? What form did they take?

To answer that, go to the HOUSE WHICH URANUS RULES. Aquarius sits on the cusp of the 10th house but more of Aquarius is in the 9th house, so Uranus rules the 9th. Who is the 9th house? What are 9th house keywords? well, 'FOREIGN, from another land' is one keyword. So they were FOREIGN government people, i.e. ENGLISH. But more forces. Also 9th house rules journalists so there were paparazzi afflicting the ascendant of the chart, creating nerves in all.. TWO GROUPS. URANUS is strong in the 9th because it rules that house and ALSO is IN THAT HOUSE. AND WHAT IS MORE it is IN ITS OWN SIGN. So it's strong like a pistol! In control. Running the show. That is NOT the buzzing paparazzi. They did NOT run the show.

NEXT, URANUS is sitting in the exact degree of Diana's natal RULING PLANET, Jupiter. (A Sag rising native always has Jupiter as a ruler). Diana's life was LITTERED with Uranus events since Spring l996 when Uranus first moved near the fifth degree of the sign. Diana had been deluged by Uranus events: divorce, politics, hounded by the press, tv media. Think of all the classic Uranus in Aquarius keywords you can imagine: television, divorce, freedom, media communications, political and humanitarian activism, large humanitarian groups like the Red Cross, and rebellion, coming up against the powers that be. She had suddenly become the Abe Lincoln of England, seeking to hold the leprous slaves' hands and give them love, if not free them. In representing the royal family from which she'd emerged, she had "shown them up," surpassed them!

Did Diana have secret enemies? Look at the 12th cusp, of the hidden enemy, where Taurus sits. TAURUS rules the super rich. The queen was a Taurus. VENUS, its ruler is in outwardly polite, civilized Libra but opposite harsh, pitiless Saturn and semisquare Pluto, with Pluto sesquiquad Saturn. (Remember how to find semisquares, add 45 degrees and jump a sign.) Little Venus pitted against two vultures, Pluto and Saturn. In combo, Pl/Sat is 'cruelty.' Saturn ruling the 8th house of death and Pluto ruling the 6th house of servants, chauffeurs. And Saturn never uglier than when in brutal ARIES. Hitler was born with his charming Libra rising ruler Venus square Saturn. Saturn can make killers. Of course, she didn't have to order it outright. Didn't an English king once sigh to his soldiers, 'who will rid me of this truculent priest?' and Thomas Becket was murdered?

Venus is linked to the Moon and Jupiter (which rules 7th, house of marriage) so the attention of the super rich person was turned to this romance and the impending marriage of Diana to an Egyptian Muslim playboy. What a disaster for England. Egyptian Dodi was the nephew of Adnan Kashoggi (biggest armsdealer on the planet) hence Diana was marrying into the Saudi Royal family. England has a long history of domination of the Arab world. Their Suez canal was there and Britain bombed Egypt murderously during the fifties to hold on to it. Now an upstart Princess, Mother of the future King marrying a colonized Muslim, converting and raising her son with Dodi as papa, both of them possibly becoming firebrands for the Middle East, drawing William into an Arab web? I don't think so.

Look closely at the Moon at that moment. It shows all forces. The moon rules all houses in an event chart. It is in the third house of travel, streets, in 15 LEO, (one of the four avatar degrees, 15 fixed, meaning gods/goddesses, not mere mortals,) happily, blissfully aligned with Venus and marriage-ruler Jupiter showing the madcap mood of the courting couple.

Some might say Moon is excessive when opposite Jupiter but their love for each other was excessive. She had found a tender poetic man who was like the myth of the God Krishna, who made love to a thousand shepherdesses each night, a man who lived for love, a total playboy, free to pursue his religion of love. In Hollywood, he had tried to date every beautiful, famous woman that wasn't nailed down. Tinsel town despised that, not seeing that he was a creature who believed in movies, magic and the heart, believed that pure gold lay UNDER the tinsel, a man who wasn't jaded and cynical as THEY were. He was a man who knew that movie stars WERE goddesses and he craved goddesses. What was wrong with that? He was a man who had been born in the the most fabulous palace of Alexandria, tutored at home like the Buddha himself and damnit, he deserved a golden princess!

His love was true. (True enough, anyway.) Venus tells us so, beckoning at us like a blinking diamond in marriage, engagement sign Libra. True love was going to make it all turn out sweetly because Venus in Libra sextile Moon and trine Jupiter tells us that love and marriage were definitely being spoken of earlier, during dinner while TAURUS was rising. Marriage is always talked about when Moon, Venus AND Jupiter are simultaneously linked. He'd picked up the 200thousand dollar ring that day and it was on her finger when she died.

Dodi had proposed. Was she accepting? They were about to enter the tunnel of matrimony under the Seine, the famed river of love? I would imagine she was JUST saying yes as the front tire blew or exploded out. (One witness heard the explosion, another witness said that Diana was cradled in his arms. In her dead husband to be's arms. Venus in the 5th house of children and love, in devoted, marriage sign Libra makes me believe this.

But sadly, you will also see that Venus is opposite Saturn, ruler of the 8th house of death, showing obstacles, delay, showing ---impending death. And probably a few other obstacles besides death.

There is no doubt that Diana had begun to have reservations. A week earlier, August 14th, a beautiful, young American model, Kelly Fisher, announced to the world that she it was SHE who was engaged to marry Dodi Al Fayed and she wore a ring--purchased before Dodi met Diana, identical to Diana's own engagement ring from Charles, a sapphire surrounded by diamonds. Dodi had bought them a home in 'Paradise Cove' California, the most sumptuous private beach on the planet.

Kelly had known about Diana from the beginning. She had been on his OTHER yacht that last week of July and nights he came back to tell her he'd been with Diana all day. But it was only business, honey, he'd say. Then she'd been sent back to California to get the house ready --sent with a $200.000 check (which had bounced). Kelly had been jilted a week before her (planned) August 8th wedding and she was spitting mad and had the lawyer to prove it.

Kelly gave ample evidence of Al Fayed's shallowness, romantic treachery and his contempt of womankind. She and woman's rights lawyer Gloria Allred, were asking an unspecified, but huge sum of money to repay Kelly for a half year of modelling jobs she had lost while she had traveled the world in luxury with Al Fayed. (They knew they couldn't sue for heartbreak which is not on the law books in the U.S. so they had chosen 'lost revenues.') Who knows, it might have been as innovative as 'palimony' had it made the courts.

The two went on Larry King show on CNN and held up poor Dodi's bounced check, proof of his change of mind and there were dollar signs in the girl's blood-shot eyes.

Parenthetically, stories surfaced in the press about two Beverly Hills landlords who also had bad checks ---for homes in the 20 to 35 thousand a month range so it is unlikely that Dodi could ever have returned to California even if he wanted to marry this gold digger.

As CNN is carried world-wide, there's no doubt that Diana knew some of these facts, perhaps had seen the show. Perhaps one of her friends had taped it and shown it to her but as jet set royals hang with movie stars all the time, Diana probably knew the kind of man Al Fayad was ---yet what's this? She still loved him madly.

What was it in Diana's character that would make her go on with the France trip after Kelly Fisher had surfaced?

We turn to Diana's horoscope and see Sagittarius rising, the sign most interested in and aware of moral values. This makes Jupiter her ruler. Jupiter is situated in the strongest, most Aquarian decanate of Totally Modern Milly, 'anything goes' maverick sign Aquarius. Worse, Jupiter is square to sultry NEPTUNE in SCORPIO in the l0th house. If one were to argue that BEING with Dodi in France that week caused her death, this is the key placement in Diana's natal chart that sealed her doom. The planet of death Neptune in the sign of death Scorpio. Neptune of scandal and neurosis (she was no stranger to these) --a highly visible l0th house of reputation, fame, and Neptune (ruling her third house of thinking patterns) in SCORPIO, signet of the 60's, and sign where it spawned an entire generation of sultry, free-sex punkers whom the media dubbed the brat pack Breakfast Club.

Neptune in SCORPIO has a tendency not to see immorality as pertaining to anything sexual, unfortunate when combined with 'anything goes' free wheeling Jupiter in Aquarius. And those two were fused together like an set of dazzling ruby bracelets, in fixed signs. August 14th, the day Mars went into Scorpio, Kelly had her first press conference. Mars was fast approaching Uranus in the skies, both of them on Diana's ruler, Jupiter.

There is no doubt that this is the crucial natal and transiting square that placed her in France with her new love but what's ominous is that this square was between Mars and Uranus lasted for weeks before her trip. Explosive Mars in Scorpio (sign of death and the mistress). Scorpio of spies and hidden, Scorpio of underground tunnels of love and death. And square political Uranus in the skies.

What is interesting is that for the last year since her official divorce, Uranus transiting Aquarius was standing on her ruler, dramatically accentuating the humanitarian profile that this sign is known for. In one short year, she had come to be described as 'Vogue Magazine crossed with Mother Teresa.'

Explosive, rebellious Uranus had given her a divorce, (a Uranus key word) then a year of political campaigning for the far left. (Uranus keyword). It had given her Dodi for now Cindy Crawford admits that Dodi was in Kensington Palace the day she visited Prince William, in November of l996. Dodi was a Uranus romance. All Uranus love aspects involve three people, one who is playing hard and fast, and two who don't know the full facts. And then MARS enters Scorpio, the mistress makes her complaint and Mars moves to link with Uranus.. Any astrologer could have told Diana that Mars and Uranus were still in effect and the last week of August was utterly unpredictable and dangerous.

Both malefics were conjunct or square her Neptune-afflicted ruler Jupiter. Two malefics in the sky afflicting her, and another two malefics afflicting her natal ruler in the natal chart, (Pluto and Neptune).

Just days before her death, Mars with Uranus hit that good natured natal Jupiter square in the chops (the Kelly Fisher revelations) and was heading toward that planet of SCANDAL, Neptune in her l0th house of fame and in the sign of death, SCORPIO.

In the moment of the crash chart, the Part of Death was conjunct that MARS in the 6th house of servants, employees. (Look for books on Arabian Parts at New age book stores.)

But let's simplify. Let's always get in the habit of asking 'who is that Mars force? What is it?" Well, Mars COMES from the llth, the house of government, the AQUARIUS house. Mars is in SCORPIO, a killer sign, and Mars/Uranus in any combination provoke accidents, tension, unexpected quarrels, explosions and misfunction of machines, particularly electrical equipment. Yet an explosion was heard, just before the screeching brakes... Then the gas pedal throttled so that it froze at 155 miles an hour, the highest a Benz can go.

Mars/Uranus is death rides in death cars but it can also provokes fights and Diana no doubt had brought up the subject of 'who was that girl on CNN?'

She 'was nobody,' he swore and he meant it. The mercenary Kelly was no longer in his thoughts. It was as if she didn't exist. Whatever assurances Dodi gave her sealed his doom as well as hers. Did he lie? It will probably never be known, as friends do not speak ill of the dead. What is obvious is that Diana believed him. She did not walk away from Dodi which a wiser woman might have done. She let him talk her into PARIS. They would always have Paris.

If there is any good that can come from the death of our beautiful, glittering angel Princess so tragically torn from the arms of two loving sons, it is this; when you find out the boat's not going in the direction you want to go in, get off that boat fast.

He was a playboy. He wrote checks as carelessly to landlords as he made promises to women. He had abandoned a trim, sexy beauty for a famous woman. No matter what his kisses told her, (and I do believe that in spite of all the other celebs he'd loved, he loved her maddest of all,) Diana unconsciously knew that he was stained --marked as a celeb-bouncer, ambitious user, bad check writer and a cheat and not suitable for the real queen of England which she was. But the candle flame of her love was steady and true. She did not break it off.

Who can condemn her? Many of us are romantiholics who have caused ourselves, our families and children suffering and loss while we HELD ON to men who were not perfectly useful for us.

True, if she hadn't gone on their third trip together, she might be alive still or if there were a cabal, held out a while longer. Maybe have been spared. But Diana paid the ultimate price for a foolish vice that we all have. Perhaps we should canonize the Princess, make her the patron saint and poster girl for loveaholics everywhere.

In my Hollywood astrology practice, I see many unhappy women who live to regret passionate decisions. I call them Loveaholics.

One of my clients who has fought this problem for years told me I should print up a t-shirt with Diana's picture and the words 'if you find out he's a louse throw him out of the house' and Dodi's picture with a big 'stop sign' over him..

I smiled but then, I thought about it because astrologers want to help clients, friends, daughters to be lucky in love. We want to teach our daughters to be firm and quit 'hot guys' because you can lose a lot of GOOD years on a BAD MAN. Exciting men are born under Uranus transits like Shy Di had, Uranus, the planet which rules unbonded love, friendship, novelty and thrills but not marriage and typically, Uranians do not make the best husbands and fathers. (In mythology, Uranus was reputed to have thrown his own children into an abyss.)

When the planet Uranus passes over you, it gives fascinating men but men you cannot and should not marry.

Diana might be alive today if she'd heeded the roadsigns. She's have heard Kelly Fisher's tale of being abandoned on the eve of her wedding and thrown plane ticket in his adoring face and been in England that Saturday night watching T.V. with Will and Harry. She'd have wept for a year but she'd have gotten over it and maybe the next love would be the right one.

Still, looking at the chart with all the malefics stabbing each other, I wonder, did this angel die of her own choices, or at the hand of a drunken driver or was it pursuing papparazzi or a government hit squad?

Certainly, Diana is the vanquished heroine and patron saint of ladies who loved not wisely but too well but does the chart also point to clues of malfeasance? Mars and Uranus linked, Pluto and Saturn linked...all tells me 'maybe---'yes.'

If Diana was the victim of a feckless and self-destructive romantic attachment, who among us has not walked in her shoes? 99% of my female astrology clients have called me because of a problem man. If this is so well, it's an ill wind that doesn't blow some good. Perhaps it will take the death of this lovely, dedicated, charitable woman to teach the remaining 2 and a half billion women on this planet a sad lesson. If you find out he's a S--T, get out of it!

Astrologers who guide young women should step into the role of parent, teaching young people to side step trouble, DUMP problem men the second they show their true colors. Women are the keepers of the future. We are the bringers-in of life. Instruct young women to value truth and good character and never bring sorrow to themselves or children by having violent (think of Nicole) or perfidious men as boyfriends, husbands and fathers.

But what this chart also shows is that the universe is a crazy place, dappled with black and white as man is both devil and angel. This man's love was true. So, although she came an hour late, before he knew it, she was there with him and I do believe they will be together always in a place where religions and white lies and nationalities don't matter, cradled in one another's arms, celebrating their marriage for eternity.

The Hindus tell us that the universe rewards saints and punishes sinners, that good souls are given fortunate birth, in comfortable circumstances. They easily find their soul mate and having found one another feel no need to return to incarnate again on Earth. Maybe Dodi and Di were very pure and good souls, and are right now enjoying a love so pure and enthralling that if you watch the heavens, soon there will be a bright new star up there and it will be them. And do you know who that star will lead? Prince William when he's King and finds out what they did to his mother. And when he knows, he will follow in her humanitarian footsteps and turn his back on racist elitism, permanently.

I choose to believe this is so and will watch the skies for the blaze of this new star, and hope you do, too.

- Anita Sands


Web Sites With Info on the Diana Conspiracy:

More come each day, so do a search on "Princess Diana" +conspiracy on Google

- Anita Sands



© Copyright: Anita Sands





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