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Reflecting Upon a Uranus Transit Date Published: by Bil Tierney
Bio: Bil Tierney

Bil Tierney has been certified and licensed for professional astrology since 1972. He has written two books, including Dynamics of Aspect Analysis, and has written several articles for astro-journals and newsletters. Bil has lectured and given workshops across the USA and Canada. He has just completed a new book about Saturn.

Dynamics of Aspect Analysis is all about aspects and aspect configurations (T-Squares, Yods, Mystic Rectangles), plus excellent information about retrograde planets, unaspected planets, and more. Dynamics of Aspect Analysis is recognized as a unique source of ideas found nowhere else in astrology. Bil's clarity and precision make this a classic appreciated by beginners and professionals alike. It is published by CRCS Publications, and retails for $13.95. It is a 277 page soft bound edition (first published in 1983), and is now published in five languages.



SUranus is a planet that seems to have little respect for our human need for stablity and permanence. It act as the Joker or Wildcard of the Universe. But it's also a Cosmic Thumbnoser, ignoring the standard applications of reason in favor of its own unique brand of "logic." Yet its actions are typically inexplicable. Uranus has no desire to first go thru the standard protocols of behavior or normal channels of conduct as set up by regulatory Saturn. This planet doesn't feel under any obligation to apologize for breaking the rules and abruptly shifting its focus. It's nature is to erratically move from flash point to flash point in an arhythmical manner.

The humanness in us is baffled as to why we would even need to be dealing with such a off-the-wall principle to begin with. Why do we need periodic disruption of our carefully laid plans? Why suffer personal inner and outer "earthquakes"? What's so wrong with sticking to past tried-and-true ways of handling life? They worked then, so why quit on them now? What's so great about flirting with the fickle fates of the Unknown? And isn't Chaos usually destructive in nature rather than creative?

Uranus transits do not waste time explaining such questions to us, but get right to work scanning the "deadbeat" or dormant factors in our current life. And in no particular order of importance. Seemingly at random, Uranus zaps any old and outworn patterns we've adopted whenever an sudden opportunity has opened up; expect Uranian to work swiftly and unambiguously.

If you want to really experience a more robust thrust of the Uranian experience, go out of your way to stifle change and progress in your life. Refuse to experiment with new avenues of self-expression. Shun all state-of-the-art technologies and at all times—be mulish and do things the slow, hard way! But then also be prepared to put on your seatbelt and let the rollercoaster ride begin—for you have thus set yourself up for a major vulnerability regarding the Uranus principle; the planet is therefore compelled to shake things up for you in no uncertain terms during its next major transit.

Such a Uranus transit can be a time for us to feel stunned and jolted out of our complacency. And for once, we are not allowed much manipulation over the outcomes in store. If we were, we'd get in the way of our own best chance for true progressive freedom. That's because we'd let insecurities and self-doubts take over and stop us in our tracks from making new moves and letting go of old baggage. And so, Uranus grabs that dumb black control box from us and reuses its parts to invent a mind-powered flying machine instead! My point is that Uranus will opt for a better, ingenious way at times to help us out of our stale ruts and our heavily mismanaged Saturn scenarios.

But to go with Uranus' challenging agenda is to open ourselves up to greater levels of spontaneity. Like Jupiter, Uranus thrives on risk-taking (although Jupiter is more conservative regarding the chances it will take; it always wants to come out on top as a winner. Uranus instead often values in itself the thrill of a sudden change, even if the end-results bomb out). Uranus energy is paradoxical in that it can be all fired up and electric in its drivenness one moment, and then detached and impersonal the next. It plugs into the "peak" moment of any action or condition and quickly withdraws its focus shortly thereafter. But real life is not one continuous string of exciting peak experiences.

And so expect Uranus transits to stimulate intense but short-lived interests in people and situations that offer a momentary opportunity to break up routine patterns and introduce fresh social stimulation. We need to seize the moment and try out a few different approaches to things before the opportunity peaks out and Uranus abruptly demands another (unrelated) avenue of release.

There are no guarantees of security with Uranus and its doubtful if our timing under its influence ever feels completely right.

We can't afford to sit on our Uranian potential and mull things over or procrastinate until we think we feel absolutely sure about things. There are no guarantees of security with Uranus and its doubtful if our timing under its influence ever feels completely right. Part of the Uranus experience seems to be the unsettledness in the pit of our stomachs that it often creates, along with the adrenaline rush it pumps. Uranus needs us to be sufficiently wired up and ready for the break-ups and breakthroughs in our personal life it helps instigate. This doesn't have to be a weird experience, but we will need to approach life with a gutsiness and a straightforwardness that we seldom have shown in our past.

Uranus is like Saturn on steroids -- with attitude, in that it also signals our need to let go of the unworkable and the stagnant in our life. But it also speeds up the process and adopts an "I don't care, it's gotta go. Now!" stance when confronting the blocks and barriers we have created or have unconsciously allowed the environment to erect. Saturn carefully eliminates while Uranus triggers swift removals. Remember, it's the planet of lightning strikes. Sudden turnabouts in our affairs are common during Uranus transits, as the old and the obsolete are quickly shattered and swept away.

What might take their place depends upon our attempt to know the truth of our individual selfhood. Living an authentic life free of socially-conditioned distortions seems to be an ultimate goal for this planet. But achieving this requires a lot of courage and the willingness to go against the grain (Uranus will always go opposite of where the mass consciouness want to go, and thus experiences exclusion from status quo endorsement.) Of course, a Uranus transit doesn't have to mean a drastic change of status for us. But even in less dramatic ways, we can free up our energies and psychologically rearrange our priorities in order to support our individualism and further experiment with our potentiality.

Uranus suggests we learn to wing it alone, without our former dependencies, at least for a while until we reorient ourselves better. Uranus/Venus transits pose a problem here, since Venus (our urge-to-merge) has needs contrary to what Uranus (our will to separate) strives for. We could fall hard for someone during such a transit and then later realize we'd do better being alone. Or the partner we choose gives us the Uranus impersonal-distancing routine and drops out of our (emotional) life. Somehow, we learn not to lean on someone else for all the wrong reasons. We are here to discover what we can do for ourselves on our own terms. I say go for it!



© Copyright: Bil Tierney





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