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4 articles for "Ascending"

Ascending [Astro*Index]

The planet is ascending when it is located in the left or Eastern hemisphere of the chart, between the fourth and tenth houses. The term can be applied also to any point located on or near the ascendant.

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Ascending [DeVore]

A term loosely applied to any planet on the eastward side of the line between the cusps of the Fourth and Tenth Houses, which by the diurnal motion of the Earth is rising in the heavens. More precisely it applies to a planet on, or near, the eastern horizon, or in the First House. A planet oriental and matutine to the Sun is said to ascend to the Sun. One that is occidental and vespertine to the Moon is said to ascend to the Moon. Ptolemy describes the luminaries, when so placed, as guarded.

A. Latitude. The increasing latitude of a planet moving toward the north pole of the Ecliptic.

A. Signs. v. Signs.

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Ascending Node [Astro*Index]

Ascending Node is a points where the plane of a planet's orbit intersects the plane of the ecliptic or other important plane from south to north. The ascending node is also called the north node. The Ascending Node refers to the spiritual power of the planet's function, which becomes highly focalized within the consciousness of the individual.

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Ascending Node [Munkasey M.]

Another term for "North Node".

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