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Sirius Tutorials

The overview videos below provide a quick overview of all of the features in the Sirius program.

Click the tutorial name to launch the video.

Tutorial with Turkish Translation
Hosted by Oner Doser, owner of Astroart School of Astrology in Istanbul Turkiye
1:21 hour
How to enter chart data 4 minutes
Main screen part 1
Sirius Main Screen Explained. A brief summary of each of the cute little icons on the Main Screen of the Sirius program.
18 minutes
Main screen part 2
Continuation of the Main Screen window. Main Screen Right Side Functions Explained: Calculated Charts box, Reports Selected For box, Chart Database box, etc.
11 minutes
Main screen part 3
Some features in the Main Data Entry Screen Explained.
6 minutes
Main screen part 4
New icon button (or "File Add New Natal Chart" functionality.
7 minutes
Main screen part 5
Progression icon explained. How to create Progressed Charts
2 minutes
Main screen part 6
Returns icon. How to create Solar Return, Lunar Return, Planet Returns, etc.
10 minutes
Main screen part 7
Relocated Charts icon explained: How to create Relocated Charts.
3 minutes
Main screen part 8
Composite Chart icon explained: How to create Composite Charts.
5 minutes
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