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Sirius Version 4.1 New Features
We are celebrating the release of Sirius version 4.1 in Turkish! New Sirius Version 4.1

During the past few months, we have been hard at work updating the Sirius menu items in Turkish. We have achieved our goal! The Sirius Turkish menu items have been significantly improved with the assistance of our Turkish team in Istanbul, Turkey and our excellent programming team. Thank you so much to our fantastic team!

Sirius Version 4.1 focuses exclusively on improving the Turkish menu items. Our primary focus was on improving the menu items, which are now in excellent condition. English remains the language of all outputs produced by the program.

Additionally, we have added a few important but very significant features:


Earthquake Forecast Graph

Earthquake Forecast Graph by Oner Doser: Oner is one of the leading earthquake researchers in Turkey. Throughout his career, he has presented his earthquake research to his followers through lectures and television appearances. This feature is based on the formula that he developed to predict earthquakes.







Earthquake Forecast Graph

There are two kinds to choose from:
a) Earthquake Forecast with Lunations
    (shown above)
b) Earthquake Forecast for Selected Place
    (shown left)



Oner Doser's Personal Message:

Being an astrologer and living in a country where earthquakes occur frequently, I thought and researched how I may be able to assist in predicting and warning earthquakes through astrology. It was through the Sirius program that I was able to turn some of my findings into statistics. It is my intention to make progress in this area with my students who possess a knowledge of statistics. It is an exciting and rewarding opportunity for me to work with my colleagues and expand our work on this issue.

The 38,000 Optional Asteroids are now included in Sirius

The original "38,000 Asteroids (4 CDs)" was an optional purchase. It has now been included in Sirius version 4.1. Asteroid positions can be viewed for up to 30,000 asteroids. Any of these asteroids can be selected to view in the Asteroids Wheel. Additionally, you may view a listing of all asteroids or all named asteroids in zodiacal or alphabetical order.

Also, now that you have this feature in Sirius, you may want to consider purchasing the Asteroid Signatures option. This report option allows you to view which asteroids make aspects to planets in a birth chart based on hundreds of different words, places, and names. It provides an opportunity to investigate and explore the astrological influence of these asteroids through this process. (See: Asteroids Signatures Report)

There have been significant improvements to some menu items

Some of the items improved are:

  Astro Search Window
Astro Search Window
  Wheel Style Window
Wheel Style Window
  Customize Window
Customize Window


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