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Kisser and Flubber Date Published: by Doris McMichael



Flubber Kisser is an Aries trying to act like a Libra. [Editor: Gore has Sun at 10 Aries 55 in the 9th house.] Flubber is a Cancer, flapping about in deep water somewhat over his head. [Editor: Bush has Sun at 13 Cancer 47 in the 12th house.] Both have pretentious Leo risings and shine in the limelight, though Kisser has been known to throw up just before the starting bell. Flubber calls on Jesus to save him from mean opponents. Both have Neptune in the third house, in harsh aspect to the Sun.

Flubber flubs, sniffs and smirks. Kisser exaggerates, even as he kisses and reacts to Flubber. Kisser ran last in the polls until he started using the Aries word "fight". Flubber was a flop all around until he in Cancerian manner, fell into in father's footsteps. There is no reason to blame either set of parents, since most successful Kisser people have good parents anyway. Kisser has a slight advantage in his secondaries and transits on Inauguration Day, Jan 21 2001. (Jan 20 is Sunday). Pluto is now trine his natal Sun. The Sabian symbol for 11 Aries contains the word "president".

Best wishes to all, Dorie the resident clown.


[Editor's note: a degree considered using Sabian symbols is rounded up from the natal degree, so Gore’s 10 Aries 55 becomes 11 Aries.]


© Copyright: Doris McMichael