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Sagittarius, 2001 Welcome! Date Published: 6/21/2001 by Tom Goyett


Sagittarius 2001

This month, we're featuring an article on Lunar Astrology by Matrix Founder Michael Erlewine as well as one by author Celeste Teal titled Tips & Secrets to Forecasting. Celeste is also featured in this month's Book Review where we take a look at her '99 forecasting release: Predicting Events with Astrology. Still featured this month is the Clarke Fountain article “Who Is Your Astrological Hero?”, which is fun to read as most contributors are members of our ACT list.

Tom Goyett

Do you have an astrology Tip? Maybe pertaining to an astrology software program or perhaps just an insight you've gained on your astrological journey? If so, drop us an email. Maybe we can turn it into an Astro*Talk feature or article. I welcome your emails.


- Tom Goyett, Editor [email: ].



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