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Notes on an Aries Ingress Chart Date Published: 4/01/2001 by Tom Goyett



Here is a first look at the Aries Ingress Chart. This chart is cast for Washington, DC. It has the Sun in the 11th house conjunct the Part of Fortune. This will be a prosperous quarter. It has a 21 Taurus Ascendant with Saturn Conjunct at 26 Taurus. This will make the people conservative during this quarter. There could be economic conservatism on the part of the people during this quarter. Taurus, being the natural ruler of the Second House of money and resources.


The Moon, which represents the Public, is with Neptune in this chart conjuncting the MC. In a mundane chart the MC represents the leader of the country. With Moon / Neptune there the people may not know all there is to know about the President, or the President himself may still be figuring out what he is doing to, since he is new to the job. Look at the President during this quarter to see if he is clear on what he is suppose to be doing. He may also try to pull the wool over the people's eyes during this time so beware of him offering you everything.

Looking around the chart I see only one other conjunction and that is Mars conjunct Pluto, with Mars conjuncting the Eighth House Cusp in the Placidius house system at 16 Degrees of Sagittarius. This is an aspect that bring some volatility to the financial sector of our economy. Remember that the Eighth House is other peoples' money and therefore represents the Insurance and Mutual Fund industry. Many people were happy with the market but were saying that it was over valued.

Lastly what I would like to do in this small delineation of the Ingress Chart is go through the houses. Looking at the ruling planet of each house and trying to explain the condition of that house based on the ruler of the house.

Second House:
Has Gemini on the cusp making Mercury the ruler of the Second. This indicates that there can be much thinking and also changing of the peoples minds concerning their resources.

Third House:
Has Cancer on the cusp making the Moon the ruler of the Third. This indicates that there will be much changing or vacillation of peoples' minds concerning their children or their things that are happening in their neighborhoods.

Fourth House:
This has Leo on the Cusp making the Sun the ruler of the Fourth. The Sun indicates that is the consciousness of the people so with this placement people will be interested in their families and their homes. They will stick pretty close to home and be interested in matters that concern them and their families.

Fifth House:
This also has Leo on the cusp making the Sun the ruler of the fifth house also. The Sun naturally rules this house and is comfortable there. Look for the entertainment and the arts to be big during this quarter. The stock market and gambling are going to take up a large part of our national conscious during this month.

Sixth House:
Libra is on this cusp making Venus the ruler of this house. This is the house that rules the health of the nation and our public servants, including the armed forces. With Venus here that would make people attracted to such things and they (public servants of all types) will be appreciated during this time.

Seventh House:
Scorpio is on the cusp of this house, making Pluto and Mars the co rulers of this house. This is the house that talks about how we get along with other countries and with Mars there that can traditionally mean that there could be war. This is also accentuated by the fact that Pluto and Mars are actually in this house but conjunct the 8th cusp. So watch out to see if there are not wars or rumors of wars in the next quarter.

Eighth House:
This was commented on earlier.

Ninth House:
Capricorn is on this cusp making Saturn the ruler of this house. Saturn indicates conservatism and the desire to maintain the status quo. This house represents international affairs, the Secretary of State is associated with this house. So it would seem that our relations with other countries will become more conservative in the coming quarter.

Tenth House:
This has been mentioned previously

Eleventh House:
Aquarius is on this cusp making Uranus the ruler of this house. This is the house that rules the congress of the country. With Uranus there it indicates that there will be a conservative congress. In mundane it's said that Uranus represents the conservative radicals and that Neptune represents the liberal dreamers or the more utopian people. Look for a more conservative congress.

Twelfth House:
Aries on this cusp makes Mars the ruler of the twelfth house. This is the house of the unknown. It represents Religion, spirituality and hidden enemies, it also represents prisons. With Mars as the ruler of this house expect activity in these areas during the next quarter. With Mars being the ruler of the seventh and twelfth houses expect activity in both these areas.



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