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Hological Astrology   A Powerful Tool for Diagnosis and Healing Date Published: by Richard Idemon
Bio: Richard Idemon Richard  Idemon

Richard Idemon was a major contributor to psychological astrology through his teaching and writing. Two books of his material have been published since his death in 1987, Through the Looking Glass, edited by Howard Sasportas and The Magic Thread, edited by Gina Ceaglio, both published by Samuel Weiser, York Beach, Maine. Cassette tapes by Richard Idemon, Liz Greene, Dane Rudhyar and other world-class astrologers are available through Pegasus Tapes, 1-800-288-Pegasus. You can also contact Pegasus Tapes at P.O. Box 419, Santa Ysabel, CA 92070, on the Internet at or via email at







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