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Declination Midpoints Date Published: by Jamie Longstreet



Interesting to me always, is that Ebertin uses declination midpoints in his work. To derive the midpoint via declination he applies basically the same rules that are applied when calculating the midpoint in zodiacal longitude. However, the longitude goes from 0 to 360 degrees and declination subdivides itself into North and South declination. This complicates things for those who are not visual. I'll try to provide an example.

If you look at a planet - Say the Sun - and it is at 22N17 by declination and the Moon is at 18S08 degrees by declination, finding the midpoint could become a matter for panic . . . don't despair. If you visualize a circle with half of it South and the other half North and then place your points on it - ah, remember in the tropical zodiac that the circle starts at 0 Aries reaches apex and nadir at at 0 Capricorn and 0 Cancer and ends at 0 Libra - this is the same in declination. On the apex and nadir the story is just a little different. The zero Cap and Cancer points correspond to 23 degrees and 27.5 minutes North or South. Now, simply place the points on the map and then visually locate the midpoint.


In the Case above, the midpoint falls more to the North than the South... the midpoint is actually a simple subtraction in this case. 22 N 17 minus 18 S 08 = 4 N 09.

If in the example above, this person's natal Uranus happened to be at 4 N 09 (Dates for this are 1950, 56, 57, 62, 63, 68, 69, etc.) then they too would have Uranus = Sun / Moon. This is a parallel and if you read what the traditional astrologers have to say about a parallel you will find some who believe it to be stronger than a conjunction. Certainly the majority agree that a parallel is a very unique blend of energy.

Munkasey says of this planetary picture, and I quote:

"Setting yourself aside from the ordinary or mundane; applying ingenuity to complete goals or create new ways of revealing old ideas; unusual twists of fate; the use of astrological ideas or methods."


© Copyright: Jamie Longstreet




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