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Moon Wobbles and Eclipses Date Published: 1/12/1997 by Naomi Bennett
Bio: Naomi Bennett

Naomi has been an astrologer since 1970. She studied astrology under Carl Payne Tobey in 1968 and currently lives in Austin, Texas with an astrology practice and teaches the subject locally. With a BA in Psychology, she is sympathetic to the personal issues her clients face in their lives as they use astrology for guidance. She spent 11 years in the highly competitive computer industry so she has extensive experience in relating astrology to business issues. She has recently traveled in Europe and Egypt gathering astrological history for a book in process. The use of computer technology has expanded her ability to reach and support others at a distance. She can be reached by phone at (512) 328-9277 or email at



Astrology has a long history on the importance of eclipses in major events in world history. It was one of the earliest recorded events in Chinese astrology that goes back to 200 BC. Astrologers have been put to death for missing the prediction of eclipses. Eclipses only occur when the Sun is conjunct the lunar nodes and the Moon is either new or full. But to have Eclipses and Moon Wobbles requires declination.

In 1930's Carl Payne Tobey took a new look at events that occurred in clusters. He gathered national fire data from the federal records and started to tabulate the dates by hand. In the first pass of the data, he couldn't find an astrological pattern. He puzzled with it and eliminated all fires except those with deaths. It was from this set of data that the importance of eclipses came to light, but he also noted a significant incidence of death with the squares of the Sun to the Lunar Nodes. It was from this discovery that he coined the term Moon Wobble to the hard aspects (0, 90 and 180 degrees) of the lunar nodes to the Sun that is used today by many astrologers. During World War II, Carl noticed that major events in military action occurred not only with the conjunctions but the squares too. He used an orb of no more that 12 degrees (6 degrees from either side of the exact partile aspect). At most, the aspect will last two weeks depending upon whether there are any other planets involved.

For example, the Oklahoma City bombing occurred near a Moon Wobble and eclipse on 4-19-95. The exact Moon Wobble was on the 26th at 5 Taurus but Uranus was in aspect by a 90 degree square at 0 Aquarius on the 19th. The lunar eclipse was on the 15th and the solar eclipse was on the 26th. In this case, it was the planet Uranus at 0 Aquarius that triggered the main event for this eclipse. But note that the entire nation was glued to the TV and the explosive shock reverberated during the entire Moon Wobble period. It was the 'unexpected' explosion heard around the world.

Let's look at the Moon Wobble-Eclipse of March 19, 1997 since it involved the Mars-Saturn opposition that lasted for 10 straight weeks from December 27, 1996 until March 8, 1997. As a side note, this Mars-Saturn produced some of the most sever weather around the world in the winter of 1997 that we have seen in a long time. The Moon Wobble was at 28 Pisces. Mars was square this point at 26 Virgo, 03n39 latitude, and 04n56 declination. Saturn was in a wide square at 8 Aries, 2s11 latitude, and 01n28 declination. Look at the sequence of events that tie into the Mars-Saturn especially regarding legal action, slow ponderous conflicts, action by authority/governmental figures along with the unexpected:

March8th Solar eclipse
14th Clinton breaks knee (the Mars-Saturn was across his 1st-7th)
15th Peak of Albania chaos and crisis
18th Barstow earthquake
19th Exact Moon Wobble
19th Ligget settles with state attny gen'ls over smoking death lawsuits
21st Bombing in Tel Aviv
23rd Lunar eclipse
24th First deaths of Heaven's Gate cult
31st McVeigh trial begins

I don't get an international newspaper, but I bet there were more events than these around the world. These were the ones that made my newspaper, the national TV news or CNN. My articles on the McVeigh trial and Heaven's Gate can be found on the web at Moon Wobbles are mentioned in them.

On Feb 26, 1998 a solar eclipse is followed by Moon Wobble on March 1st and a lunar eclipse on March 12th. The Moon Wobble aspects Pluto with a square. This will be a powerful warring period. Already the US is building up arms against Iraq and Saddam Hussain. But the most major period of the entire 1998 year will be the squaring Moon Wobble on May 27, 1998. There are no eclipses to confuse this aspect. World conflicts between nations will come to it's ultimate head during this period because Pluto continues to be in aspect with three Moon Wobbles this year and we have the power of Mars in aspect to this Moon Wobble added to the mix. There will be an intense build up of tensions that will break into conflict during this late May to early June 1998. The Sun is at 5 Gemini and 21n15 declination. The North Lunar Node is at 5 Virgo and 09n21 declination. Mars is at 2 Gemini, 00n12 latitude, 20n47 declination. Pluto is at 6 Sagittarius, 12n26 latitude, 9s10 declination. In ecliptic longitude, that adds up to a Grand Square aspect. The triple correspondence to longitude, latitude and declination spells strength. Most astrologers would ignore this aspect as an ordinary Sun conjunct Mars square Pluto. It's the squares of the Moon Wobble in the mix that will be the big trigger in making this period the major one of the entire year. If you haven't observed and noticed Moon Wobbles, this will be a good one to examine. It should be a major national-international news maker. Note that this aspect falls on the US chart's Uranus and 7th house cusp using the 8 Sagittarius Ascendant chart of 4:50 pm on 7-4-1776 in Philadelphia.

Eclipse periods by astrologers range all over the board. I see some astrologers giving a range of six months until the next eclipse. I don't believe in that kind of long term impact. I think the effects are for the duration of the aspect. I believe the center of the aspect is the Moon Wobble but the movement of the Moon is powerful in all major transits as a timing device to set off the events. It's a trigger for the materialization of the tensions into events. So the Moon is a very important timer for all major transits. That's why eclipses have so much history and consistency. I believe that the partile aspect of a Moon Wobble is the center of the eclipse period that is the power factor in the transit. To say the least, declination is a key factor in the measurement of Moon Wobbles and their strength. In general, Eclipses are stronger than squaring Moon Wobbles because the Eclipse involves a conjunction-opposition aspect which is considered stronger than a squaring aspect. This year, the strength of the February 26th Eclipse will be surpassed by the squaring Moon Wobble of May 27th because of the additional planets involved.

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