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Symptoms of Virgo; a somewhat light-hearted meditation on the phenomenon Date Published: by Clarke Fountain
Bio: Clarke Fountain

Clarke Fountain has been studying astrology with varying levels of intensity since the 1960s, is a U.S. Navy veteran, and gave his first professional reading in 1977 in San Francisco. After years of doing every kind of job under the sun, he earned an M.A. in Buddhist Studies from the Naropa Institute (as it was then called) in 1989 and at that time became involved with aspects of publishing. Astrology has been one of the few consistent threads in his otherwise extremely varied life, and he is delighted to have the opportunity to serve the astrological community as the Editor for "Astro Talk Online Astrological Magazine."



Why symptoms? One of the attributes of Virgo (and the sixth house which has an affinity with things Virgoan) is health…and disease.

Virgoans are sooo – well, Virgoan! Those with strong Virgo traits are prone to see what could be fixed about something before they completely take in what is right about that thing. If they aren't the silent variety of Virgo, those around them are apt to be treated to a seemingly endless stream of information about the world gone wrong and what must be done to fix it. The sooner the better! Those of us on the receiving end of these streams of information often respond to it by feeling that Virgos are excessively fussy or picky about "the details" and we grow impatient with it all. Or, if the recipient of a Virgo problem diagnosis is not of the same analytical bent, they might find such discussions overwhelming or depressing, as I sometimes do. Oddly, one very good way to deal with Virgo overload is to try and find another Virgo-type for your personal Virgo to talk to. They are unlikely to waste their valuable analytical skills on a dolt like you if there's someone around who actually understands what they're talking about!

If that all sounds somewhat familiar to you, you've had a brush with the "dark" side of Virgo. To be fair about it, there is a wonderful innocence about this behavior, a trust that things truly are fixable, and that their (the Virgo's) insights are sufficient to accomplish this – if only they can get someone to let them get their mitts on the machine, as it were.


As they say, "the devil is in the details:" if we overlook those tiresome but necessary little things that Virgos bring to our attention, many "big" things can go wrong. So Virgo energy is vital to getting things done properly, or redoing them properly when a job gets botched. Virgo jobs rarely get botched, so you can bet that the botched job began with somebody else. And if many of the rest of us don't usually find those energies much to our liking, well…too bad.

Virgo is associated with the sixth house, whose symbolism is very diverse indeed. According to some, small animals, children, service, one's "job" or daily work (as opposed to "career" or life-calling), and actual slavery are identified with this house. Others would say that the small animals and children are part of this house only if they are required to work or earn their way by performing some service. A lot of other life issues turn up in this house. Diet and health issues, for instance. Individuals involved in either the giving or receiving end of medical treatment often have strong placements in the sixth. Liz Green, in her book Saturn: A New Look At An Old Devil associates yoga with the sixth house, particularly when Saturn is located there.


Duty, too, would seem to be indicated by this house. Since Saturn is a planet of realism, duty and obligation, it is very much at home with the life areas of the sixth house. The "what-is," as opposed to the "what-I-wish-for" is Saturn's domain. But wait a minute! Isn't Virgo ruled by Mercury? Why all the heavy Saturn-talk? Because the aspect of Mercury which is associated with Virgo is consistently concerned with practicalities, so Virgoan Mercury is closely related to Saturn's qualities.

Fun, for someone with a strongly accented Virgo area in their charts, seems to consist of bringing order to chaos, and finding out the best possible way to accomplish things. Theirs is not a restful or "basking" type of energy. Virgo people are notorious tool-collectors, and are known to have stashes of containers of every kind, the better to organize all the many tools they have collected. Heaven help you if you try to throw out even the meanest fruit box from the produce store! Someday it may come in handy.

Curiously, one side-effect of this passion for order is disorder! Frequently, the Virgoan's desire for perfect order leaves them overwhelmed when disorder gets too great. They can't see through to the most efficient and logical way of cleaning the mess up, and don't know where to begin. Further, they refuse to do anything inefficiently in a way that means it probably will have to be re-done later. Virgo is a mutable sign, and many mutable types don't find it easy to just bash right in and get tasks done, nor matter how urgently they want them to be done. Bashing in and getting things done "however it works" is a cardinal trait. Hence, for overstressed Virgo types, a sort of paralysis can result. That is why a symptom of Virgo domains is that they are either extremely neat and orderly or just the opposite…and in either case the order or disorder is the fruit of the Virgoan passion for order.


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