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Saturn [Prima] Saturn Glyph

One of the 10 major planets.

Ruler of Capricorn.

Responsibility, discipline, limitations.

Concentration, practicality, economy, control, seriousness, perseverance, separation, termination.

Structures, organizations, bureaucracy, the father, old age, responsibility, duty, security, tests, scientists.

Is conservative and ambitious; highly practical and frugal — able to make use of anything; a good organizer; slow but sure; thorough, methodical, and when necessary having much endurance; cautious by nature — would rather be "safe than sorry"; often meditative, serious, and silent in manner.

In the business chart: Problems, restrictions, and limitations concerning the matters of the houses Saturn occupies or rules (often brought about by those in authority or by the government). Careful organization is required to face these matters successfully.

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Saturn Chasing the Moon [DeVore]

This is one of the most powerful of Saturnian conditions. Since the progressed Moon takes twenty-eight and Saturn thirty years to complete the circle, the two may in rare cases, approximately coincide. An affliction of the Moon by Saturn is of itself one of the most unfortunate of aspects; for when the aspect is close and the progressing Moon moves at about the same rate as Saturn, a transit of Saturn to the Moon can persist indefinitely — often for a lifetime: thus resulting in a double affliction. However, the condition can occur only where the Moon at birth is in conjunction, square or opposition to Saturn.

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